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Dating Hacks For Introverts (When You Barely Enjoy Going Out)

It’s a tough slog ain’t it.

So look. Meeting someone can be hard at the best of times, but it’s even harder if you’re introverted. Our natural incline is to stay in over going out, we can come across not interested because we’re a bit quiet, and we may not reply to texts 30 seconds after the initial message – doesn’t mean we ain’t keen.

We want to find a partner or new flirt as much as the next extro tbh. And being introverted doesn’t mean you have to give up on love and become a crazy cat person just yet. So we’ve put together these dating hacks for introverts for you to put right into action (you’ll be fighting them off with a stick in no time).

#1 Get Online

Does the thought of approaching someone attractive and asking them out terrify you? Try online dating! Online dating has the added benefit of getting to know the person a lot better than your pre-date social media stalk ever could. It also saves you a lot of speculation of “is that their ex or a non-threat?” Because you’ve gone straight to the source. There’s also the added benefit of knowing they’re already keen on you, reducing your risk of rejection.

#2 Be Open To Set Ups

Do you have that friend that has a friend “you must meet”? Take them up on it. Your friend should know you well enough to know the kind of person you’d be into. If things are looking awkward you have that mutual friend to talk about. There’s also the added bonus of already knowing your friend is going to love them.

 #3 Make It Fun

You’ve gotten the date, but the next step is figuring out what you are doing on it. A candlelit dinner with plenty of conversation might be too full on for a first date when you’re intro, so opt for something fun instead. Aim for an activity where you can get up close without having to do much talking (think bowling or putt putt). You’ll both have a great time and it’s less full on if you’re feeling nervous. Activities also mean less time to sit awkwardly across from each other if it doesn’t go well.

 #4 Be Honest

If you’re introverted be honest about it. Don’t feel like going to that party? Then don’t. Even the biggest extrovert can appreciate a night in with pizza and Netflix. If you don’t feel like going out or need some space from your partner, tell them. If they care about you, and know that you are introverted, they will understand.

 #5 Find Someone That’s Even Better Than Your Own Company

When you’re introverted you might prefer your own company (like me), so find yourself someone you like being around more than yourself. If doing all the fun activities you do on your own sound just as fun with them by your side, it’s meant to be.

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