It’s Not You – The Sound of Music

Sitting on the bus on my way to work one morning, earphones in, looking at the world as I pass it by. Still not quite totally awake, I turn the volume up as my favourite song comes on and rest my head against the window. Bordering on the verge of dreams, I listen to the song playing into my ears, focussing only on the instruments and ignoring the vocals. This exercise got me thinking. Instrumental versions of songs sound just as beautiful the song it self, same for the vocals in acapella style. Ever been in a relationship that has ended and been left wondering who you became or struggling to grasp who you now are? I had the idea of this article in the back of my mind for close to six months, but couldn’t think of how I would write it, until this frosty cold June morning I commuted to work. A relationship is like a song. Some a passing phase, others remind you of crazy European Summers gone by, certain ones make you cringe and then there are the once in a life time classics. Songs can have the same emotional effect on a person as a … Continue reading It’s Not You – The Sound of Music