Ola Learns: Tinder – Part 2; Companionship

On Tinder you can post photos that are seen by your Tinder matches for 24 hours – this is called a moment. Shortly before publishing my first article I took a screenshot of a section and broadcasted it to my matches. Within about 5 minutes I had a hundred guys send me a message about it. I was met with abuse, I was congratulated and I was mocked. Many a guy took it as a personal attack. People I had said a mere “Hello” to previously, demanded “why I was talking about them” and “what was wrong with me…” The majority of these guys started going on about the ‘Tinderella’ categories, so I decided to let them have their say. Funnily enough when I asked them what classification I would be they all said I would be in the ‘Exception’ Category. I wonder why. Here are the ladies: The ‘Gone Fishing’ Girl The ones who go on Tinder to make themselves feel better, call themselves fat (which I have done on a many occasion, probably because I was eating a burrito at the time), say that they hate their bodies to get positive affirmation of their beauty and charm. The … Continue reading Ola Learns: Tinder – Part 2; Companionship