Ola Learns: Tinder

Hello and good day. My name is Ola and I think sex is a brilliant topic. I spend hours every week with my girlfriends chatting about the very topic – there is nothing off limits. I’ve learnt very quickly I’m good at dating but I fail miserably at relationships – I’ve been in short term, long-term relationships and even engaged. I am currently very single. So all in all, I am excited to talk to you beautiful specimens about sex and dating. I hope you enjoy reading about that crazy taboo topic, sex – because I sure love talking about it. We’re going to start off easy, something cute that we all know and not so secretly love – Tinder. The revolution of Tinder has literally created a whole new topic of conversation in a woman’s everyday life. When I’m with the girls, Tinder almost always comes up. I re-installed Tinder in April after my engagement disintegrated to a guy who I met on Tinder.  I imagine most people wouldn’t return to Tinder after such an experience, but I did. Lets be honest, who doesn’t love to be chased? I decided to return because I wanted to feel like I … Continue reading Ola Learns: Tinder