Netflix announces Sir David Attenborough to voice new series ‘Our Planet’ at WWF’s State of the Planet Address (Credit: James Gillham / for Netflix)
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David Attenborough’s New Nature Doco Is Coming To Netflix & It Looks INCREDIBLE

YES YES YES. The man is back, and we’re bloody excited, ’cause it’s just been revealed that Mr Attenborough has brand spanking new docuseries. And it’s set to be released on Netflix in April 2019. Our Planet has been created off the back of his epic series Planet Earth and Blue Planet and is set to be a bloody good’un.

The series will showcase some of the earth’s most precious and fragile species and habitats, to give us viewers the chance to see what is really happening to our planet and how so much of nature is affected. Creators and Netflix have partnered with the world’s leading conservation organisation, WWF which enables the series to be a real eye opener to global wildlife projects.

The team have spent four years (?!) filming in 50 countries. 600 crew members captured footage from more than three and a half thousand filming days in places such as the remote Arctic wilderness and deep oceans as well as the vast landscapes of Africa and jungles of South America.

Attenborough said he “hopes to inspire millions of people” through the documentary. So get ready, because the man himself is back with his soothing tones to teach us about the wonders of the world. Check out the teaser below..

Images Sources: Netflix

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