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How To Deal With Fomo When You’re Too Broke For A Festival

With no money comes an exponential display of restraint when it comes to what you want most. Sometimes we’re at the cross road where we’re made to choose between a whole lot of fun, and actually being able to afford food and rent. If this what being a responsible adult is, I don’t like it. But regrettably, there’s no stopping the painful reality of adulthood. With the Winter festival season here again and the Splendour’s ticket resale coming up, some of us remain too broke to even try our luck. Nevertheless, there are ways to soften the blow of fomo and still have a cracker of a time.

Go To Sideshows

The fact that sideshows exist is a real blessing, and will definitely help in dealing with the festival fomo. If you find out that one of the bands you were dying to see is doing a sideshow, you won’t have to miss out completely. Some of the Splendour sideshows include Franz Ferdinand and MGMT, CHVRCHES, The Wombats and James Bay (bae), so there’s no doubt that fomo could be cured for at least a solid hour.

Take A Getaway

You may not be able to afford the unnegotiable ticket prices, but you know what you could have more control over? The amount of money you put into a getaway with your mates. Round up a few of you, pool what little cash you have, go to the coast and camp or rent and AirBnB. You could all use your phones to listen to the live festival shows they often play on the radio. You may not be partying it up in the amphitheatre, but at least you won’t be stuck at home and bored out of your mind.

Have A Night Out

Alright, this sounds pretty standard for most of us on the weekend. But if you think about it, part of the fomo we feel is from not being able to listen to music and dance, right? Therefore, going for a boogie on a Saturday night would help quell your thirst to be the dancing queen. Genius. Go out, bar/ club hop and make some memories with the lost souls who were left behind with you. If you’re feeling particularly whimsical, go to a karaoke booth.

Have A Weekend Dedicated To Music

This is an option for when you’re super duper broke, so much so that a getaway is unattainable. Get your friends around for an entire weekend to immerse yourself in all things music. You could all BYO booze and have a house gatho. You could watch all your favourite musicals (HSM is always a good time.) Or compile songs that would be playing at the festival and have a froth over it. Curing fomo is most efficient when you’ve got your pals there with you.

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