Delta Airlines Just Flew A Plane Full Of Young Gals To NASA, And It’s Totally A Vibe

Preach sistas.

If you’re after a dose of some inspiring, good news content for the day – look no further. In what is just a totally wholesome piece of news really, Delta Airlines in the States overnight flew a plane full of teenage women ages from 12 to 18 to NASA HQ. Why? To inspire female aviators and promote equality on International Girls in Aviation Day. I mean, come on just try not to smile at that.

And guys if you’re reading this – it ain’t a go at you at all. Aviation is a male-dominated industry, and what’s exciting about this is just the idea of having more diversity in the industry. Whether it’s politics, business, or society as a whole – there are countless examples that diverse groups of people are important for progression, equal opportunity and cultural awareness.

Remember as a kid when your parents would take you somewhere, or you had an experience that was somewhat above the norm? And how that memory stays with you today, years and years after it happened? That’s what this moment was for these girls. And that’s valuable in itself, so kudos Delta Airlines.

This is just good freaking HUMAN moment. One that we should all get around, and really push to see more of. I love this and hope we do actually see more down here in Australia soon – for all types of people.

Image Source: Twitter @airlivenet

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