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Despite Hating MAFS, I’m Obsessed With How Cooked And Dramatic The New Trailer Is

Who made it and can I hire them for my wedding videos?

Married at First Sight is as trash as reality TV comes, and I’ve hated it pretty much from the first season I ever watched. When it just kept going, I realised MAFS is actually a thing people are into.

The show aired sexist male “locker room talk” two years in a row, clearly not caring about the rape culture Channel 9 is inevitably perpetuating, excusing and normalising by allowing that kind of misogyny and toxic masculinity to be portrayed as normal.

Like, this is the show that got thousands of signatures on a petition for its cancellation because it pretty much glorifies and rewards cheating and gas-lighting your partners.

But despite all that, here I am, obsessing over the trailer because it’s actually golden tier entertainment.

The New MAFS Trailer Is Actually Art

Here’s the thing though – despite how much I can’t freaking stand this revolting show, I’m actually obsessed with the new trailer. It’s the most dramatic thing I’ve ever seen, but also think about the WEDDING VIDEO INSPO. It’s everything I want and deserve. So thanks MAFS, I guess?

Like, does this opening not remind you of the vampire novel you were obsessed with in your teens? My emo tween heart is loving the Dark mystical vibes, even though they have nothing to do with MAFS. Although, the kind of cooked fuckery that we see on this show is definitely from the Dark and Twisted timeline, so maybe that explains the connection?

Then we get a slow-mo make out with the most incredible hair-wind-etc job I have ever seen, and I’m thinking damn, this can’t get any more dramatic.

She is an ethereal Fire Goddess and I am Afraid.



It’s just the audacity! The boldness! The unashamed utilisation of teen fantasy novel aesthetics! Their love is so passionate that it ignites actual FIRE that ROCKETS them into the sky! I just can’t believe it!

And then, as if this trailer couldn’t become any better, we see their love literally defying gravity by allowing them to slowly rotate in front of the full moon. The visual is actually so romantic despite being for such a shitty,  un-romantic show and I want this for my wedding photo shoot. I want to steal this entire Look.

I am OBSESSED with this, holy shit.

I won’t be watching this season because even a glorious trailer like this one couldn’t convince me to sell my soul to the MAFS devil – but if anyone knows who made the creative decisions behind this trailer, I need to know what their rates are thanks.

Image Sources: Channel 9, Twitter 

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