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Destinations To Get Away To On The Cheap

The daily grind can work away at you piece by piece. That 8am start, the sad desk lunch or the commute home need not slowly destroy you. If you need a break here’s your reason to take the plunge and book a cheeky getaway. A holiday may seem like a huge cost that requires months of planning, flights purchased long ago and an itinerary of attractions.

Why not be a little spontaneous and spend that leave on a real escape? We’ve rounded up some insanely cheap destinations and deals that let you travel for a week or so and reset. Pack your bags and get out of here.


The lush tropical island is not just pina colada’s and lounge beds. There’s volcanoes, snorkelling, hiking, quad biking too. Diamond Head or Haunuma Bay are our top spots for a superb view. A flight into Honolulu is as cheap as $225 from Sydney, so for $500 return you could be soaking up that sun real soon. Or if your after the whole package, escape for a whole week with accom for $1699. Fold your hawaiian shirts and say aloha to a holiday.

Hong Kong

Much more than a stopover destination, Hong Kong demands a longer stay to really see the city. Flights are as low as $125 from Perth or $182 from Melbourne, so jump online and visit our fair neighbour. The harbour town brings the bright city lights and a stunning ocean playground together. Walk up to Victoria Peak and see it all, or tramming it’s an option too. If you want local tips Aussie blogging expat A Pair and A Spare is your go to.


Sri Lanka. It may not be at the top of your must visit list, but with flights as affordable as $146 from Perth and $243 from Sydney – why not?The mixed heritage makes for stunning architecture and tastes on offer, with the Brits, Dutch and Portuguese staking a claim over the years. A giant Budha, a blissful beach, temples, mosques and churches galore make Colombo a diverse stop. With ten days here you might just feel like a local.


A jaunt abroad to a European capital may not seem financially do able but the flight deals right now are truly insane. $513 from Sydney or $562 from Melbourne, make the French capital that much more accessible for a cheeky trip. Being a real tourist hub a lot of the museums are free, so it won’t cost a stack while you’re there. Wander the Louvre, the gardens and peer at that big ol’ tower. The wine and cheese diet on offer alone, is worth a visit.

Phnom Penh

Cambodia is about to really take off, so take this opportunity to see it before the tourist crowds overload. Only $141 flying from Perth or $215 from Melbourne makes a visit to Phnom Penh most certainly affordable. Temples a plenty, markets day and night and the kindest local people to show you around. You can eat and stay here for next to nothing, an inexpensive stop for however long you can budget time-wise.


From $198 from both Melbourne and Sydney you can visit China’s second city. A thriving metropolis where everything is done bigger and the hustle will overwhelm you. Head to Disneyland for the day, visit the old town and eat the best Chinese food you’ll ever eat. Come prepared to bargain too, the market streets of Shanghai make a killing on unsuspecting tourists. Yum cha everyday  for every meal may sound like a challenge, but it’s a reality here. An abundance of dumplings, coming right up.


For as little as $406 each way you could be lapping it up in Seoul. Stunning national parks thick with greenery, theme parks, waterside walks and laneway streets with the best eats in the city. Seoul will seriously surprise you. Soak up the Korean culture and get used to the taste of kim-chi while you’re here, you’ll miss the vibes when you eventually leave.

Image source: KWM, Aim For Awesome, Azamara Club, Wallpaper Fodder, Eurail, Asia Expeditions.

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