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Disney & Fox Dropped Their Movie Lineup ‘Til 2027 And It’s A Bloody Ripper

When it comes to good quality cinematic experiences, Netflix can take a back seat. There is nothing, I repeat nothing, more heart-warming than catching a wholesome Disney flick in all its big-screen glory. I live for this, and so too does my inner-Disney fiend. Thankfully, in this increasingly Netflix-dominated world, we can rest assured that the next few years of cinematic viewing will involve a stellar lineup of wholesome Disney flicks. Oh, it sure is a wonderful world.

There are a few goldies thrown in among the mix, including Avatar 2 (through to 5), Mulan and Cruella (which I can only assume is a 101 Dalmatians spin-off). There are also a few sneaky ones, with Disney failing to provide much (if not, any) information regarding what exactly they have in store. 2021 and 2022 will see a few ‘Disney Live Action’ films but we’re not quite sure of what shape/kind/theme they’ll come to be…

People are pretty damn hyped for the Marvel movies yet to be released, too.

Whilst the general response seems to be one of hype and hysteria, people are a little confused about why we need five Avatar movies. It goes without saying, they have a pretty decent point. I think we were good with just one, TBH.

In the meantime, you sit back and grab a chock top, kids. There’s some good quality cinematic experiences in store for us and hopefully, by 2027, we’ll have enough dough to catch them in the cinema.

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