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DIY Home Projects To Make A Small Space Feel Big

Interior inspo fills our insta feed and can make your humble abode pale in comparison. Endless natural light, big window seats and daybeds upon daybeds. But if your space is a little tiny smaller, a few simple hacks can open up some prime real estate. Glue gun at the ready, we’ve lined up the DIY efforts to amplify your quaint living space to new heights.

Shelve everything

If your home lacks a floor space, one thing I can guarantee it does have is a wall or two. When the square meterage is less than expansive it’s time to think up. With the right tools you can implement wall storage without damaging a single speck of paint and risk loosing your bond. For shoes think wall hooks, it doubles as a feature too. Simply head to Bunnings and purchase hooks with a double sided adhesive and you’re off. If you’re worried about the wall then just make sure you have a colour matched pot of paint handy for when you move out.

Make your wine collection a little more ordered

The staple of a share house, a million wine bottles cluttering up the closest exit to the bin. Clear that space and add a little class to your in home drinking den. A little palette wood here, a nail or two there and you have a rustic wine shelve. It’s extra incentive to keep it looking full too, so you’ll be drinking a little less.

Fill corners with storage

When you’re short on space, we often forget about the nooks and crannies. The spot under the stairs, that inch or two behind the bed and corners. Now if you’re not into corner seating or the angle isn’t that big, a shelf or two is the perfect solution. Look for something with open portions so it doesn’t impact on the feel of the room i.e. make it look smaller. Plus with all this open storage you’ll be forced to be at least somewhat tidy. Go on and DIY that ladder, or polish off an op shop find.

Hide it all under the bed

At home with your dear mother this would be a cardinal sin, but while you’re out in the big bad world by yourself it’s an ace solution. Depending on the shape of your bed that unused space is ideal for all your less than display worthy items or moreso junk. If you have a hoarding tendency or two this is perfect for you to compartmentalise without filling your sleep space with vast amounts of clutter. A wooden box, palette or plastic tub collection is all you need to get started.

Amplify your closet space

Lucky enough to have a wardrobe? Then kit it out to make sure every little space is put to good use. Now that you’re familiar with how shelving can change your life, throw as much in as possible to your little enclosed space. Even your doors deserve a little extra accessory distribution. Once you see just how much you own out on display, you’ll never have issues choosing what to wear again.

Hang on, think vertical

A staple of every trendy cafe, the rope hanging feature is far from over. But turn what is a glorified plant holder into the storage you so desperately need. With a careful placement of hooks on the roof and a few weight distribution checks you’ll have baskets swinging from the roof in no time. Make sure not to overload the baskets or otherwise you’ll have to fix the paint on the roof – never fun. Baskets, rope and a little DIY spirit, you’ll be hanging in no time.

Bring the outside in

Lack a balcony? Turn that little spot of sunshine into a photosynthesising paradise. This one’s a long term DIY project but you’ll soon be reaping the rewards of fresh herbal accents to all your home meals. Like adding coriander to ramen really does make it taste a lot better. Here’s the how to, timber offcuts, fresh herbs and a little time, you’ll have your very own vertical garden.

Image source: A Pair And A Spare, Pinterest, Sales Fuel, Love Siq, The Brew.

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