Dog Paws Look Like Baby Koalas And You Can’t Unsee It

Someone on Twitter has made this groundbreaking discovery…

A Twitter user named @41Strange has made a fascinating discovery. The account shared a photo yesterday of the bottom of dog paws, highlighting how similar they look to baby koalas. Once you see it, you honestly can’t unsee it.

The tweet has spurred a lot of shocked users to also tweet out about how much dog paws really do look like baby koalas. I don’t know how we haven’t figured this out before, tbh? Loads of Twitter users have chimed in, sharing photos of the little koalas on the bottom of their own dog’s feet.

I Don’t Know If There Has Ever Been A Better Twitter Thread?

They Also Look Like Baby Simba

You’re welcome for all of the cuteness! Some people are also comparing dog paws to baby Simba from The Lion King and honestly I don’t know what’s cuter?

Of Course, I Had To Try It Out For Myself

What do you do when you discover that dog paws look like baby koalas? You text your mum for a photo of your family dog’s feet, of course. While my mum seemed a little confused at first, she didn’t hesitate to send me #feetpics.

Then of course I had to enlarge the photo, brighten it a little bit and spin it around to see the koala in all of its glory. But alas, there it was, the baby koala! Honestly, I’m a little too satisfied by this.

I would highly recommend doing this yourself. Text your mum, or if you’re lucky enough to live with your dog, grab that good boy’s paws and check out his baby koala feet!

Image Sources: Own, Twitter, Canva 

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