Dollar Dollar Billz: How To Make Some Coin With Your Side Hustle

On my recent trip to the grand ol’ U S of A, one thing became blatantly obvious very quickly. Out there in The Land of Opportunity, everyone is running a hustle, side, main or otherwise. Just about everyone you meet has some grand plan in the works, ranging all ambition levels.

From hand painted skateboard art, to buying the 5 floor building across the road and turning it into Hollywood’s next best nightclub. Everyone in the US is looking towards their next big thing. I ask the question, why not me? Why not you? So, here’s some key steps to get your hustle on and make (at least some) bank.

Start Small

It’s all well and good to have big aspirations, and by all means don’t throw those out the window. But when you’re starting off, keeping things small is the key to success. While you’re slaving away studying or waiting tables, it’s good to keep your side hustle to something you can work on in the evenings or weekends.

Maybe you’re gifted at art and graphic design, so after work you can get to creating in time to hit the weekend markets. Starting small and building from there will help you keep on top of things. The only way is up!

Social Media Is Your Friend

These days, if you have a popular Instagram, you have a business. Being good at the socials can be your whole side hustle if you know how to work it. Using Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to help build your brand is key to getting the dollars flowing.

Stay consistent, use hashtags and engage with your audience. Posting regular pics of whatever it is you’re selling, whether it’s your music, your art or your clothes will keep the clicks coming. Soon you’ll be known as having regular and reliable content. Go forth and rule the explore pages, then the world.

Use What Yo’ Mama Gave Ya’

If you’re funny, make ‘em laugh. If you’re charming, make ‘em blush. What I’m saying is that there’s something about you that makes you stand out from the rest. It’s all well and good to have a good side hustle, but you also have to have a good brand. In this age of voyeurism, everyone wants to know about the person behind the page.

Make sure when people think about what you’re selling, they’re only ever going to think of you. The best way to do that is to attach your unique personality to your unique brand.

Get Your Posse Together

Every entrepreneur needs a good entourage. When you’re working on putting together your side hustle, having a solid bunch of mates around to support you is one of your most useful outlets.

Let them be your hype team. Get them to like, comment and share your stuff and get the word out about what you’re doing. If you create something wearable, get them to promise that if anyone asks them about it, they’ll namedrop all your social handles. They get some sick merch and the warm fuzzy feeling of supporting their friend, and you get free advertising. It’s win win.

Knuckle Down And Commit Long Term

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither was Instagram. Yep, the social media app we all know and love started off as a humble little side hustle in founder Kevin Systrom’s lounge room. A few years and a lot of work later, Instagram was sold to Facebook for a cool $1 Billion. There’s nothing to say you can’t hit the same kind of success.

The trick with this one is to stay focused, stay motivated and stay hungry. Side hustles are called hustles for a reason. They take work and time and you can’t give up at your first hurdle. Find your niche and get working. In the meantime though, make sure to post to Insta, and don’t forget to hashtag.

Image Source: NBC

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