Don’t Freak Out, But Hungry Jacks Are Set To Release A Plant-Based Menu

Dammit now I’m starving.

Vegos, enviro-lovers and just peeps who love trying new things – it’s time to rejoice! Fast food chains are (finally) recognising that lots of us are choosing to eat less meat. So they’ve collabed with good ol’ science to bring us plant-based meat alternatives that (allegedly) taste just like the real thing. And Hungry Jacks are the latest to jump on board. How good!

HJs is bringing out their own meat alt they developed with CSIRO, which is an interesting little collab if I do say so. It’s supposed to hit stores and also grocery stores within the next month or so. Fingers crossed! I mean the chain does have it’s own vegan range, so it will be interesting to see what this plant-based menu looks like.

The whole thing is a bit new to us, because we’re not often the country of choice for plant based menus at fast food joints. Maccas decided to trial its fake meat product in the northern hemisphere only – because we never get any love down under. The P.L.T. (plants, lettuce, tomato – in case you couldn’t work that out) has been a big hit in Canada so bring it to Aus, pls and thank you.

@Maccas is your marketing department hiring?

But look, before your lil vegan mouths start salivating at the thought of delicious legume-derived-fake-meat-patties, be careful. Maccas has said they aren’t going to bother cooking your veggie patty on a seperate grill, meaning it’ll be cooked in the same place as eggs and meat. Selling a burger to cater to vegos/vegans without doing it properly, are we even surprised?

No word on whether Hungry Jacks will follow their (quite silly) cooking logic. But hears to hoping!

Image Source: Hungry Jacks Website

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