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5 Cheeky Dos And Don’ts Of Modern Dating

Seriously put down ya phone.

Sometimes it seems like we’re walking blindly through traffic when it comes to navigating modern dating. All of us have different expectations when interacting with those around us, especially in a more intimate manner. While spending time with someone, there are certain things you can do to make yourself as appealing as possible.

A study by Huawei had some pretty damn interesting results about our dating etiquettes. 1,000 Australian singles were surveyed, and there are some cheeky rules that you may want to follow for your next date night.

#1 Put Down ‘Ya Phone

Maybe the most obvious, and incriminating. Our phones have come to be an extension of ourselves, and without them we can feel nervous or bored. While 70% of us seem think it’s all dandy to use a phone on a date, it might be good to leave it on the table untouched. If you’re wanting to connect further with the person in front of you, it’s hard to do that when literal eye contact is lacking, no? Every time this happens to me my soul dies a little. Aim to make your date feel acknowledged. At the end of the day, your phone ain’t gonna give you butterflies.

#2 Pick An Appropriate Location

Before the date commences, think about where the most effective place to have it could be. Okay, now think again. The movies, for instance, leaves barely any room for conversation. Same with a club setting with loud bangers. Not only do you have to take your taste into consideration, but also the other person’s, so it may be worthwhile asking about their preferences. Strive for a place where you can settle in and relax without too many distractions. An intimate bar, for example, may be good with providing softer acoustic music, appetisers, and bevs to help with the nervous jitters.

#3 Have A Subtle Stalk

One of the perks of dating in the digital age is getting to have a peek into your date’s social media profiles prior to going out with them. Don’t be ashamed, 80% of us do it. You’ll get to gather an idea on their hobbies, lifestyle and travel antics, all which are great topics for breaking the ice. The beauty of a sneaky stalk is that it can remain your little secret, and you’ll be able to go into the date prepared with an outline of topics to ask about. You’ll appear to be quite the conversational wizard with a genuine interest in getting to know the person. PSA definitely avoid going too creepy. That south coast trip they did with their ex? Yeah, maybe leave that one out of the chats.

#4 Share The Spotlight

It’s nice and exciting when someone wants to get to know you, but remember to share the spotlight of conversation whilst on a date. It can be easy to get carried away when the topic of conversation is your life but dating is a two-way street. You don’t have to bombard the other person with your life story, just let the conversation flow naturally between one another. Nothing is worse than a date that doesn’t let you get a word in.

#5 Don’t Dismiss The Group Date

If you want to take some of the pressure off the both of you, work your way out of the one-on-one setting by going on a group date. Having other friends around can act as a conversation buffer, and 66% of people say that a group environment is less intimidating due to there being less uncomfortable pauses in conversation. The more relaxed and personable you are, the more likely a second date will become. Keep an eye out for group dating events that will ease the pressure, too. Dating is meant to be enjoyable, so remember to have a laugh and not get too caught up in trying to impress.

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