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All The Drama You’ll Cop At A Festival

Everyone is all for sitting back with cups of tea while watching the drama unfold before them. But drama at a festival is not something that’s wanted.. ever. Nevertheless, drama comes out of the shadows in all forms and for some reason we’re never prepared for it. So here’s all the typical drama you’ll face while at a festival.

The Clash Of The Genres

Obviously, there are so many genres at music festivals. What would the festival be without a mass of variety anyway? Boring, for lack of a better word. But with this mix, comes clashes between the group; half of which want to go sway to Miguel, leaving the others wanting to lose their schite over Lorde. You’d think there would be a simple solution to this chaos (plot twist: there is), but nah, you all go on about how ‘you all have to be together’. Like a bunch of girls all going to the bathrooms together on a night out (spoken like a true girl.)

The ‘My Want Trumps Your Want’

Ah, a tale as old as human nature and the biological need to be selfish. Of course you want to get your own way. That’s become fairly apparent, due to the temper tantrum you’re currently throwing. But just because you want to go to yoga at 9am, doesn’t mean the rest of the crew has to get their yoga on with you. You may want to hit the Tipi Forest until the crack of dawn, but you know.. others might not be on your level. An easy solution to stop the drama is to remember that everyone has their own wants.. that literally don’t have anything to do with you.

The ‘Whose Car?’ Discussion

Let’s face it, no one wants to drive. Period. But if you want to make it too and from the festival grounds it has to be done. This vital chat can often cause some unnecessary conflicts between everyone. No one wants their car to be at the brunt of dust. And they don’t want the car to cop all the hands and kicks from people accidentally knocking into it in the night. No one wants to remain relatively sober on the last night for the sake of road safety the next morning. But ultimately you gotta suck it up and do it.

The ‘But I Don’t Wanna Go Alone’ Speech

This pertains to anything to do with the festival. I don’t want to go to the bathrooms alone. Guys, I don’t want to get food alone. I don’t want to go see MGMT alone. Well heck, if no one else wants to come with then that’s too bad. Go and cry a river. I was seeing Peking Duk and wanted to get closer to the stage, but my other mates were cool staying where they were. Regardless, you better believe I drove my way through the crowd and had a damn good time.

The ‘I Heard You Were Talking Shit’ Call Out

Ohhhhh boy. “Gossip gets you absolutely nowhere,” I utter as I remain perked on my high horse. You better believe that if you start waffling on about someone in your group, it’ll come back to bite you. Everyone froths over knowing things, especially when it comes to juicy details on other people. Mix that with a lack of boundaries, and all the goss comes out in one huge chaotic heap. Not the vibes you want at a festival. So here’s an idea, take a seat and chill out.

Image source: Splendour in the Grass Facebook (Jess Gleeson and Bianca Holderness)

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