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Drinking Games For ‘Ya Next House Party

Everybody loves a good house party with all the festivities included. Despite the fact we’re all (relatively) adult here, a classic drinking game is definitely on our list of good times. As with any drinking game though, pick your poison wisely. They tend to make or break you, but we all love a challenge.

#1 Confidence

Simple yet effective. The drinking game ‘confidence’ consists of minimal requirements; except for the degree of one’s own mettle. You’ll just need a coin to flip, cups, players and booze. Form a circle with your gathering and allocate a coin flipper. Everyone in the circle will have their own drink while an empty cup is placed in the middle. You can put as much, or as little of your drink in the middle cup as you’d like. As the name ‘confidence’ suggests, it’s entirely based on how much you think you can handle. Flip and call the coin; if you get it right move around the circle. However, if you’re wrong, be prepared to drink up. It’s definitely a good game to start with because there will always be some goober who pours unnecessary amounts in the middle.

#2 Centurion

It’s assumed that most would know of this game. It’s another simple one, although it can be very dangerous. Basically, it’s one hundred shots in one hundred minutes. So, there’s really only one rule; take a shot every minute. There’s no bells and whistles with ‘Centurion’. It’s a game of endurance. That’s why people love it (I’ve only managed to get up to the 60’s, myself.) It probably needs to be repeated: choose your poison wisely. Due to the high volume of alcohol involved, it is recommended to use beer, cider, or heck, goon.

#3 Roxanne

This is a drinking game without any pretence. There can be as many variations as you would like. You just need alcohol and a song with repetitious lyrics. For example, the way I learnt was by listening to the song ‘Roxanne’ by The Police. The point is to drink every time Sting says Roxanne. As it’s just a matter of call and response, it’s a great way to break any initial party nerves.

#4 Up And Down The River

There are stories about how brutal this game gets. All those poor souls who never made it up or down the river. Firstly, prepare your drink. You’ll need a deck of cards for three to six people and an extra deck for additional groups. Select someone to be the dealer. Partygoers are dealt four cards which they will leave face up in front of them. Using the rest of the deck, the dealer will place a card face up from the top; placing them in a linear fashion. Those with cards that contain the same number as the dealer’s card will be prompted to drink. This includes a drink for every extra matching card you have. The dealer keeps flipping until four cards are down and then goes ‘back down the river’ in the same way. The subsequent cards however start to go up in value. For example, the second card flipped will equal two drinks if one of your cards match; the third card will equal three and so forth.

#5 Chase The Ace

Arrange your group in a circle. You will need two dice, two empty cups and your booze handle. Two of the members within the circle, who are sitting opposite of one another, are given a die and cup each. Shake the die around the empty cup and roll. Rolling a ‘one’ will allow you to pass the cup and die unscathed. Rolling a ‘two’ or ‘three’ will result in no change. ‘Four’ allocates a drink to the person left of you, and ‘five’ to the right. If you roll a ‘six’ however, you’ll have to drink. The ‘chase’ is essentially to get rid of the cup and die (because you might have to down all of your drink if you have both cups.)

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