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DTF? Everything STD Related You Should’ve Learned In Sex Ed Class But Didn’t

Buyer beware.

Chances are, the most valuable lesson your learnt from sex-ed in school was how to put a condom on a piece of fruit. Truth is, no one wants to talk about, deal with or even think about STD’s. We delved into the world of sex-ed class and did the ground work so you can (discreetly) learn about STD’s and stay safe.


We drew the short straw here. Statistics show that females are more susceptible to contracting STD’s than males. BUT It’s got nothing to do with promiscuity. Fact: women are more vulnerable than men because of our (*ahem*) anatomy. It’s easier for men to transmit infections to women than vice versa, PLUS STDs are also more difficult to detect in women. (Another reason to love being female).

There Are More STD’s Than Letters In The English Alphabet

You’ve probably heard of your most basic STDs; chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, etc. But truth is, there’s over 26 STD’s that have been identified. AND they can be viral, bacterial or even parasitic. So just when you think you’ve ruled them all out, think again.

You Don’t Need To Get Lucky…

To land an STD. STDs can be contracted in other ways than good ol’ intercourse. There are a number of ways an STD can be contracted – think cuts in the mouth or cold sores when they’re down there. The only way to be 99% risk free here is to use protection god damn it, even when you’re giving/receiving oral.

Some STD’s Are Asymptomatic

Yup. So Doctor Google won’t help here. Take Chlamydia for example, it has no visible symptoms. Similarly, it can take up to 10 years for women to develop symptoms of HIV. Better yet, STD symptoms can be easily mistaken for common conditions such as yeast infections or urinary tract infections. (Yet another reason to love being female).

The Trusty Old Rubber Is Not A 100% Guarantee Against STD’s

Look, unless you’re going to go with abstinence (come on now), condoms are probably your best bet for protection against STD’s BUT they’re not failsafe. They are your best bet in avoiding contracting an STD, but they’re just not 100% guaranteed to protect you against those nasty STD’s.

Get Tested, Quick Smart

Untreated STD’s can have some serious health consequences. By the time you notice symptoms or see a doctors, the nasty STD might have already done their thing. So get tested if you’ve been fooling around, even if you don’t have any symptoms.

You Gotta Let Them Know

Here’s the low down, you have to let that lucky someone know if you know. It’s basic human rights and common courtesy, dudes. So, if you’re going to get intimate with someone, you can at least have the guts to let them know. If you’re super embarrassed and can’t face your fears, well you’re in luck.

Developed by Melbourne Sexual Health Centre, Let Them Know is a system which allows you to send an anonymous message to your intimate partner to let them know they could be at risk. Other than that, you can roll with abstinence. Good luck with that one.

That’s a wrap kids (pun intended, heh.) Play it safe, and get checked regularly.

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