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Early 20s v Late 20s: Long Weekends

There’s no doubt that the long weekend is a thing of beauty. Extra time off, extended binges, higher holiday rates if you are working. It’s a bit of a holy grail.

However, as the years tick along, the way we look at the added day/s off change a tiny bit.

Going Out

Early 20s: “Double header this weekend guys!! How good is being out on a Sunday night? SUNDAY SHOTS.”

Late 20s: “So guys, who’s down for dinner and brunch? I’ve heard that new spot on the hills is to die for.”


Early 20s: “Look I’m ridiculously hungover, but I’m also getting double time so it’s fine. But I will be trying to avoid all customers so yeah.”

Late 20s: “Coffee on a Monday without feeling terrible? What is this life??”


Early 20s: “So another round of Fireball for everyone? Also how good is Fireball?”

Late 20s: “I’m absolutely dying for a drop of red, fancy a Merlot?”

Going Away

Women in summer dresses standing outside a Mogor vineyard looking upon the field under the sunlight

Early 20s: “Okay, there aren’t any festivals on this long weekend, so let’s just save up for the next one.”

Late 20s: “All the festival kids will be staying local, so I’ve booked tickets to Tassie. Brunch. Wine. Secret Bars. Grape picking. Yessss.”


Early 20s: “Yeah look, I can only really afford Vegemite toast after last night, so it’s gonna’ have to do for tonight (and probably tomorrow, too).”

Late 20s: “Guys, who’s keen for taco night and MasterChef at mine?? Bring a bottle.”

Date Night

Early 20s: “Monday movie night, babe? It’s a little cheaper than on the weekend let’s be real.”

Late 20s: “Should we tee up a double date night with Jess and Adam at that new Mediterranean place? This is life.”

Source: Adam Taylor/FOX

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