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What To Eat At The Forage Market in Canberra

What happens when you combine epic street food and Canberra’s thriving hospitality culture? The Forage Market lets you channel your inner hunter and gatherer, in a civilised fashion of course. The expertly curated local lineup of food is back in town, Saturday November 12th at The Little National Hotel, but what on earth should you eat? We’ve perused the offerings on your behalf and lined up enough tastes to have your cake and eat it too. Not to mention a good local brew to wash it all down. The quarterly instalment is one not to miss.

Mr Papa 

Peruvian street food might not be at the top of your favourite cuisines, but it should be. Smoked meats galore, spiced burgers and an empanada or two. Must. Try. Everything.


Filipina flavours enliven old favourites, adalbo nachos anyone? When we think of Asian cuisine, Filipina is a neglected delight. Dive into their skewers too if you’re extra hungry.

Tikka Stand

A market mainstay in the area, Tikka Stand’s nest is their prized dish. Hand marinated tikka chicken, potatoes and a cooling yoghurt sauce to bring you back down to earth. If you enjoy a little heat get chilli sauce as an extra and keep it all to yourself.


These tasty little sugar balls are famous in the territory, the inspiration for the donut craze of late. But the OG is always best, so tuck into Bombolini’s doughnut balls, for those who are Nutella adverse, there’s an array of options don’t stress.

Lolo and Lola

A Filipina bakery making traditional sweet treats in honour of the family cooks who taught them everything they know. Oozy custard, cake injected with purple ume and a stack of new delights to try. Who knows you may just fall in love with this foreigner.

Pod Food

From the swishest of Canberra dining destinations, Pod’s street food offering is truly sublime. Fresh ingredients are thrown to the pan, a giant pan at that, and the result is too tasty. Paella brewed and stirred for hours is a must if a typical Canberra breeze rolls up.

Le Petit Breton


Pancakes be gone, a new taste is in town. Lightly crisped crepes dusted with icing sugar, filled with sweet treats and loaded with caramel sauce. There is chocolate if you prefer. No matter your choice, the crepes on offer here will have you transported to a European cobblestoned laneway. Beret’s are optional.


When the German do food, they don’t do it by halves. You may lean towards a giant sausage option or perhaps a schnitzel bigger than your head. Totally your choice. This one is a challenge of man vs food, are you game?

Six8 Coffee

Before you get into the hard stuff put a little pep in your step. Try locally roasted Six 8 coffee, served out of this charming caravan. The coffee is anything but rustic, if you enjoy it why not take a bag of beans home. You’ll be a barista in no time.


A local brewery cranking out delicious ales and marvellous malts from Braddon. There’s a new brew station on the way and a couple of their most famous offerings soon available in tinnies. What’s better than beer on tap with froth skimmed to perfection? Well, nothing really. Cheers.

Baldwin Distilling Company

Who knew on the outskirts of Canberra lay a whiskey distillery? Not, I. But we’re certainly not complaining. From barrel to your bev, Baldwin is a smooth operator. Taste, try and stock up on their whole catalogue of hard liquor. Those manning the stand are easy to talk to as well, so even if it’s not your usual tipple why not give it a whirl.

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