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Eat the Very Best Burgers Wherever You Are

The humble burger has reached cultural icon status, a symbol of taste revolution. No longer a fast food outcast or guilty pleasure the burger is a staple for the foodie. What better day to celebrate National Burger Day than wrapping your hands around a bun bursting with flavour and spilling with fillings? Today’s the day, go on put your eating pants on. 


The Melbourne burger scene is all about nostalgia, harking back to that simple burger with fresh ingredients. It may seem oxymoronic for the hipster capital of Australia to be so streamlined but their penchant for quality is unmistakeable.

Hello Sam

Uncle Sam $13.5 


Huxtaburger $9.9 


Sydney is more excessive than Melbourne, it’s all about gorging yourself. Culture clash and multiple infusions are the bread and butter of the beachside burger set, poutine, fried mozzarella, blue cheese anything we want to try it all.

Bar Luca

Blame Canada $15 

Lord Gladstone

Fried Chicken Burger $17 


It is quite fitting that the nations capital hark back to the Australian burger loaded with everything you can find in the fridge. Crack an egg on it, toss some mesclun and don’t forget a slither of pineapple.


Broddeluxe $19.90

Grease Monkey

Greasey $15


Brisvegas like their chips just how they like their burgers, thick cut. Quarter pounders won’t blink an eyelid in this neighbourhood it’s all about stacks of meat, double patties and chunky burger combinations. Good luck holding on to this one.

Brew Masters

Double Beef and Bacon Burger $22.90


Hobart not on your burger tour list? It should be. For a place so god damn gold it’s to be expected their comfort food game is A grade, this little baby may look petite but double cheese is nothing if not incredibly special.

The Standard

Cowboy $11


The most inventive of the capital cities Adelaide burgers are all about throwing the recipe back to you. One patty, two patties, three patties you decide, this burger will be built especially for you layer by layer.

Burger Theory

#2 Beef Burger – $12


Home of the biggest burger in the world our Western neighbours love a giant burger offering, the fried chicken offerings are particularly delightful if you live

Varsity Burgers

Soul $15


Image source: Food For Foods Sake,, Flickr, Oh Burger Me, Her Canberra, Thorson Photography, Brewmasters, Two Clowns Stripping, 

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