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Eat Your Way Across The USA

Travelling to the US of A requires a food budget all of it’s own. Things are bigger, deep fried and seasoned more than you knew possible. But if you travel like I do getting a sense of culture, wherever you are, involves eating what the locals eat. So have your forks at the ready and please don’t wear white unless you want it to be striped with oozes of different sauces. So here’s the very best food to eat across the US as you trek cross country. Did someone say road trip?


In-N-Out Burger

The holy grail of fast food, this burger has caused many to stop over in LA just for a taste. Sure you can start with just the traditional burger, it will still be great but the Animal Burger is where it’s at. Mustard grilled patty, grilled onions, pickles with cheese spilling over make this secret menu item a must. Check the secret menu out for yourself, in case you want to go back for seconds.

San Francisco

Off The Grid

Not sure what to eat? Eat a little of everything. Just pick from a smorgasbord of food trucks. This travelling band of tasty morsels pop up all over San Fran for your pick of cheap eats. Expect every cuisine you’ve ever thought of, from Burmese to Creole. Be prepared to graze.

Las Vegas


Amongst all the bright lights of the strip, finding a decent meal can be exhausting. Las Vegas locals point to Peppermill to dig into their delicious Nachos, Nachos, Nachos. Seriously, it’s big. Add your choice of meat, either mince or chicken and dive into this cheesy delight.


Art of Pizza

Deep dish pizza is a Chicago staple, but Art of Pizza excel. Local ingredients poured into a pie pan and cooked to perfection. The deeper the dish the deeper the flavour, well in this case at least. Expect cheese and lots of it, the topics are kept simple to complement this. Sausage, onion, pepperoni, you can even stuff the crust if you feel so inclined. Sold by the slice so you can keep going back for more.


Neptune Oyster

Bostonians are serious about their seafood. Clam huts on every corner, clam chowder to wash away the cold and lobster rolls in any weather. But the oysters are something else. Fried or fresh this unattractive little morsels taste better than they look. Try the eclectic oyster piggyback, loaded with pork, pistachio aioli and golden raisins. Unexpected and delicious

New York

Absolute Bagels

Bagels here are no joke. Schmear alone can cause an all out brawl. Not really but it’s serious business. The texture of the bagel is key, soft and slightly sweet but not as far as to be a desert. It’s hard work, but Absolute Bagels do it best. An unassuming shop front proclaiming freshly baked goods doesn’t begin to cover it. Buy a stack and you’ve got breakfast for the duration of your stay, delish.


Sonny’s Cheese Steaks  

What’s a Phily Cheese Steak? Fair question. Outside of Hollywood movies I had no idea what I was missing. In a soft hoagie roll sits thinly sliced beef steak then it’s covered with melted cheese and usually grilled onions. Like a bready kebab of sorts. That’s the base but you can add bacon, pizza sauce and more at Sonny’s to really expand your tastes.


Ben’s Chilli Bowl

A chilli dog to rival all other chilli dogs. Ben’s is a Washington institution, famous for being the only place to stay open during the riots of Martin Luther King. A little side of history with every bite. The chilli dog is a pork hot dog layered with mustard, onions and dollops of chilli sauce. Just try not to be too messy eating this one, alright?


Joe’s Stone Crab

So you’ve made it down to sunny Florida, it’s not all sunbaking and cocktails by the pool; you need to eat. Enter Joe’s Stone Crab for a fresh and generous helping of seafood. Sure there’s a diverse menu but the main event is that hunk of stone crab delivered to you ready to crack wide open. They even offer an instructional video to keep diners informed. Douse it in lemon and dive in. Also if you have any room left, try the s’mores too.

New Orleans

Cafe Du Monde

Commander’s Palace

New Orleans is a herald to the old and you can try where the famous Creole cuisine came to life first at Commander’s Palace. Southern flavours take over Gulf Fish, Shrimp and the whole menu. After you’ve tried your helping of soul food, head on over to Cafe Du Monde and try the beignets. That’s a doughy fritter dusted with powdered sugar, you’ll be covered in the evidence after eating one.


Maguro Brothers  

Hawaii is a mesh of cultures, and poke represents this perfectly. Marrying delicious japanese seafood techniques and a hawaiian love of fresh food. Small portions of fresh sashimi are tossed in a salad of sorts and often served over rice. It’s so popular expect to see more and more pop ups back home in Aus too this summer. You’ll be hooked.

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