Egg Boy, Meet The UK’s Next Hero: Milkshake Man

I think we’ve just found the other half of the world’s next hate-fighting duo: Milkshake Man.

Danyaal Mahmud is the UK’s next ‘anti-far-right hero’ after dousing a toxic politician, Tommy Robinson, in a McDonalds milkshake. Yep, just like poor Rachel Berry got ‘slushied’, he got ‘milkshaked’ (milkshook? we can workshop the term).

I’ll set the scene: Mahmud was walking through the town square on the way to a meeting. He was invited to join a group of protesters waiting to meet Robinson on his campaign trail to become an MP for North West England. When Robinson first arrived, Mahmud told the Guardian he and his entourage confronted him, and things became heated pretty quickly.

He reported the interaction to police and went inside for his meeting, expecting that the crowds would be gone when he left. Instead he was met by Robinson and his supporters again and, in the viral video, is being accused of acting aggressively.

Mahmud’s response?

“I just threw the milkshake in his face and ducked.”

What happened next is almost identical to Egg Boy’s story: the politician throws punches and a group of large men folds in on our story’s hero.

Here’s the video below: (but I’m giving you a language warning)

Robinson – a pseudonym for his real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon – has been denounced and confronted for sharing his violent, anti-Islam, nationalist rhetoric before. It was only a matter of time before he copped a (literal) spray.

Although his actions have been praised by the masses, his viral fame has also brought out the worst in society. Mahmud says he has received death threats and that he fears for the safety of his family.

Mahmud has become a viral political hero, and joins a long line of pantry protesters using food for political good – from our beloved Egg Boy to the tomatoes and cream pies of times done by. Now milkshakes can be added to the list.

Is this the dawn of a new era of superheroes? A new addition to the Marvel Universe? Avengers 2.0? Scavengers? (alright, that’ll do with the word play).

For now, the Milkshake Man wants to return to his normal life, pre-splash.

Maybe politicians like Fraser Anning and Tommy Robinson will get the message: hate-speech isn’t cool, never has been, never will be. It won’t be tolerated, so please, save protesters the trouble of wasting food and use it the way it was meant to be. Put it in your mouth.

Images: GIPHY; Twitter (@MeaganMogg)

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