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Elton John Surprises Aussie Fans With A Whopping $1 Million Towards Bushfire Relief

Rocket Man we love you.

While touring here in AUS, the King himself decided to drop some wholesome news for fans at his Sydney show at Quodas Bank Arena

As his show came to an end, the star announced he was donating an immense amount of $1 million towards Bushfire Relief and in return received a standing ovation, and honestly, we wouldn’t expect anything less.

With the bushfire disasters dominating (finally) global media outlets, so much support, love and $$$ has reached organisations all over AUS. And now Mr Elton John just beautifully added to the list of celebs showing their support.

‘To those who have lost their homes, God bless, I hope that your lives will be repaired very, very soon.’

God bless you, Elton.

Like Elton, many other celebs have been pledging their support for our nation, including Thor himself, (Chris Hemsworth), Nicole Kidman, Pink, and even Kylie Jenner who recently also donated $1 million.


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