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All The Emojis That You’ve Totally Been Using Wrong

Ah emojis. So much can be expressed through these images that we whack on at the end of texts and messages. You could even say it’s become an integral part of the way we communicate, and not just here in Australia but across the globe. And to celebrate these incredibly versatile little text enhancers here’s a little decode of all the emojis that you’ve most definitely been using wrong, thanks to our mates over at amaysim. They teamed up with British comedian Christian Elderfield to help us crack the code. So if you think you’ve been nailing the use sassy gal, well think again.


What It’s Used As: Shed A Tear

What It Is: Sleeping Face

This is certainly one of the most straight forward emojis there is, right? Well wrong, cause this crying emoji is actually the emoji for sleeping. You better think twice about sending it, as Christian tells us “Before you send to a friend to empathise, you could be telling them their story put you to sleep…”


What It’s Used As: Whatever

What It Is: Open Hands

You notoriously use the open hands as a way to throw shade at that Tinder match that won’t leave you alone. Well it’s time to shake up the way you’ve been using this emoji, cause it’s actually a set of open hands, you know ready to catch a ball or something. “If your friend has a juicy piece of gossip ready to throw your way, it’s the perfect time to reply with the open hands emoji to show them you’re ready to catch it”, Christian says.

#3 ✌

What It’s Used As: Peace Sign

What It Is: Scissors

Surely we can’t have got this one wrong. Well, we have. “Been sending peace and love?”, Christian tells us that they old peace sign is actually supposed to be used for a virtual game of rock, paper, scissors. Awkward.


What It’s Used As: Sassy Girl, Duh

What It Is: Information Desk Person

If this isn’t in your top used emojis, I am concerned. The sassy girl is an absolute legend. The easiest way to convey shade and attitude, I mean it’s a way to bring your texting tone to life. The embarrassing thing, she’s just supposed to be an info desk lady. But with a face and pose like that, Christina reckons her desk days are numbered.


What It’s Used As: I Mean, Use Your Imagination

What It Is: It’s Just An Eggplant

Oh the humble eggplant. It’s truly transformed the way in which we use vegetable emojis. Christian has a message out to the to anyone sending across this cheeky emoji, “Guys are very complimented when you use this delightful emoji! However, the less said about the colour the better.” Even though this one is so widely used inappropriately, we can’t take away the eggplants new identity, can we?


What It’s Used As: Booty Booty Booty

What It Is: A Peach

This cute little peachy peach has become a true internet sensation. Once a humble fruit, now an iconic symbol of the human buttocks. Another misused emoji who has taken quite a liking to its new identity.

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