Google Daily Searches Legit Summarises Our Simple Life

Just when you thought Google couldn’t teach us anything else (okay, no one ever actually thought that) – the search engine and general badass dudes over at Google Australia revealed some pretty classic info about our favourite daily searches. In an exclusive interview with B&T, it was revealed that the most popular searches on a daily basis quite literally summarise our standard week to a tee. On Monday, ‘the gym’, is the most search phrase – as we look to burn away the weekend calories. Tuesday’s most search is ‘jobs and recruitment’ – of course we get our act together after the laziness of Monday to something with our lives. Wednesday we’re in holiday hump day mood, with “cheap flights” all the rage to cure the travel bug. Thursday is legit gambling night, with ‘Powerball’ on the tip of all part time pundits across the country. Friday ‘traffic’ is first on the radar as we escape the realms of the office/campus, or drive off for a little weekend getaway. But alas the weekend is here and ‘cocktails’ are on everyone’s radar – with the Sunday ‘hangover’ the final nail in the coffin. The top searches for each day of the … Continue reading Google Daily Searches Legit Summarises Our Simple Life