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Eric Bana In Dirty John Is Just A Way Dorkier, Silver Fox Version Of Joe Goldberg

*This is a spoiler-free zone*

Dirty John and Joe Goldberg are both the creepy as heck boyfriends with an immoral knack for transforming love and attraction into obsession and infatuation. They’re the ultimate smooth talkers, the chiefs of persuasion and seduction, and they both turn batshit crazy for their newfound loves – both, might I add, blonde, ambitious and absolutely, positively, without-a-bloody-doubt, wide-eyed and naive.

Ahhhh it’s the sweet, sweet smell of a stalker-ish fucking nightmare. 

But is this just coincidence, or is it a hellish reincarnation of the sociopathic and psycho-maniac rogue, Joe Goldberg? Either way, the resemblance is uncanny and it needs to be discussed.

Whilst he doesn’t boast the same youthful, boy next door-ish allure that Joe Goldberg so effortlessly emanates, MAN the resemblance between them is ridiculous. The only difference between these two is about twenty years of ageing and a silver fox style hair-do.

Dirty John’s style is also unforgivable. The khaki ankle blazers and Kathmandu long sleeves have him looking like a homeless man embarking on a mountain hike. Nothing in comparison to Joe’s flawless college boy/bookshop owner wardrobe. But once you look past the outfits, it’s literally the same person, just twenty years apart.

Dirty John and You also follow pretty similar story lines, exploring the same themes of control and obsession in toxic and possessive relationships. Dirty John undeniably plays a more criminal character, having an extremely colourful past, but their behaviours are both heckishly crazy.

This is a spoiler-free PSA for their uncanny resemblance, so I won’t delve into the juicy deets of Dirty John too much. But if you haven’t yet feasted on the cinematic reincarnation of Joe Goldberg as Dirty John, then consider this an instruction to do so. You won’t regret it.

Image Source: IMDb 

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