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Even Bloody Kochie Is Now Dragging Gladys Berejiklian About Pill Testing

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, despite deaths of people at festivals, has been completely against pill testing since the issue arose. She appeared on Sunrise for an interview with David Koch, following the death of a 19 year old at FOMO.

Facing serious criticism, very few seem to agree with her delusional views of pill testing, including Sunrise’s David Koch. Kochie took to Sunrise to nail Berejiklian for her backwards views.

In a very obvious interview, Gladys Berejiklian shows how delusional she really is while Kochie lays the facts on her. Gladys explains, “If pill testing was going to prevent deaths, of course we would bring it in.”

Luckily, Kochie comes in to save the day and calls her a hypocrite and tells her she’s not listening. Kochie, you absolute legend. Here’s another great example of Gladys’s controversial views on pill testing.

We’re speechless on Gladys’s completely upside-down views of pill testing, nor do we have any idea where she gets her evidence from. Maybe this interview may have opened her very closed mind.

Image Credit: Twitter

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