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Even The Simpsons Are Deleting MJ, His Famous Appearance Episode Cut

Abuse allegations brought to light by the hugely controversial ‘Leaving Neverland’ doco that aired last week have prompted more anti-Jackson measures. Radio stations across the globe have already pledged to cull Jackson’s music from their airways and on-screen producers are also following suit.

A 1991 Simpsons episode named, ‘Stark Raving Dad’ features MJ as the voice behind a character in a mental-health ward who mistakenly thinks he is Jackson. The executive producer of the Simpsons, along with creator Matt Groening and show runner Al Jean, have decided to cull the episode from all streaming platforms and future box sets in light of the emerging allegations.

Executive producer James L. Brookes told Wall Street Journal,

“It feels clearly the only choice to make.”

If you’ve already watched the four hour doco, you’ll totally feel me when I say the allegations stacked against the star by Wade Robson and James Safechuck are chillingly detailed and utterly disturbing.

Whilst the world always had low-key suspicions about the star throughout his entire career, the doco serves as a confirmation to everything we hoped wasn’t true. The culling of this Simpson’s ep seems to add to the already mounting reactionary measures and begs the question, will MJ’s entire legacy be brought down by this doco? It certainly looks like it.

Image Source: JacksonFacts Youtube. 

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