Event Cinemas Are Chucking Cheap Movie Tix At Students, Here’s How To Snag One

You, Event Cinemas, blockbusters, and $8.

Being a student can be rough sometimes.

You’ve learned the fine art of rationing out your money to cover rent, bills, groceries, topping up your fuel or transport cards, and leaving just a little for yourself. But you’ve got to put some of that into savings – for, you know, your future.

So now you’re down to your last $20. And what’s a person to do with the small change? You could ruin an entire generation’s reputation on smashed avo and Instagrammable brunches. You could spend it on a night out in an effort to spark joy.

Or you could treat yourself for cheap and forget about all your worries with a trip to the films. Because every Monday, Event Cinemas are slinging students dirt cheap tickets to see all the biggest blockbusters for only $8.

That’s right. Event Cinemas. Student Mondays. Blockbusters for $8 (ps click here for all of the savings).

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You know that new Marvel movie (there’s always one on show, right?) You’ve been dying to see, but didn’t factor it into your weekly (or monthly, or ever) budget? Now you can see it on the big screen, and you don’t have to dodge spoilers until it comes out on Netflix (or Disney+ now I guess, u terrible corporate mugs).

All you have to do is flash your valid student ID at the Box Office or unlock the $8 Student Monday ticket online through Cinebuzz. It’s literally that easy.

And, if you’re really hankering for discounts all-day-[almost]-every-day, sign up for their rewards program, Cinebuzz for Students.

Being part of this super-elite club means that by treating yourself at any Event Cinema, BCC, Greater Union, or GU Film House, you can get student-only (look at you being all exclusive) discounts Tuesday through Thursday. Every. Single. Week.

Idk about you, but that sounds bloody great to me.

Mass Nostalgia

And there’s nothing like the simple pleasure of going to the movies. Remember those days? When that was the go-to means of entertainment pre-smartphones, pre-Netflix, pre-stress, pre-life.

Take me back to the times when we would be so hype for a new release and organise a ~trip to the movies~ with our mates to see terribly cliche films.

Remember how we would line up for tickets and contemplate whether we should order a single bucket of popcorn or a Kids Deal (the Chuppa Chupp was life). And the way we would sit in the cinema, munching through half a box of popcorn before the movie even started (right before telling ourselves: omg, I’m gonna run out, I should eat it one corn at a time).

Ah, yes, simpler times.

Sometimes being a student does have its perks.

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