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Event Cinemas Now Has A Boutique Option So Your Broke Ass Can Still Be Boujee

Low pay ain’t gonna stop us from living the high life, amirite?

Living that Instagram life is hard when most of the “luxury” you can afford has a $50 budget attached to it. Fear no more, dear broke millenials, for I come bearing good news: Event Cinemas are changing that.

They’ve just introduced their new Boutique experience exclusive to George Street in Sydney (in addition to $8 Student Mondays). And it’s been tried and tested by yours truly, so here’s how it went down ya’ll.

The Boutique Cinemas

The Boutique experience comes with two cinemas: “Paparazzi” or “The Library.” They’re both as classy as they sound.

The Paparazzi room celebrates the glamour of Hollywood, with a red-carpet theme and walls plastered with images of paps trying to get a slice of your fine pie.

Last night I tested out The Library cinema and ummm, this is the cutest thing I have ever seen. When you enter, the walls look like old-school shelves lined with all kinds of books. There’s warm lighting courtesy to the little lamps on top of the shelves and on your little coffee table (!!), and the back wall is literally an artwork/mural made of individual book pages.

There are even Persian rugs. The aesthetic of this cinema is super boujee, think “rich white man in his expensive mahogany study, reading over documents while swirling a glass of whiskey on ice.” That’s the vibe I got.

The seats are plush leather recliners that come with a foot rest and the above mentioned coffee table – has a little button that you can press to summon staff at your mercy. You can enter 30 mins before the film starts, have a look at the menu, call the waiter with the button (thank god because I am too awkward to ever actually signal a waiter), and place your order.

Then they’ll bring your order before or during the movie – the choice is yours and boy did I use it at will. Also, did I mention that the menus are inside very cool-looking leather bound tattered books? My nerdy indie heart nearly burst.

The Food

Yes, the most important part. The menu for these sessions is extensive, and even better – you won’t have to sell your kidney after seeing your dinner bill. Or brunch bill, because guess what – you can now totally do a brunch date at a Boutique cinema. Anyone else frothing at the mouth?

There’s burgers, pizzas, a collection of cocktails/wines/etc, cheese boards and platters, and dessert if you’re here for lunch/evening. Everything is locally sourced (Sonoma Bakery!!), so it’s just like home but classier.

The brunch menu has things like a banana bread loaf, and, wait for it, smashed avo! SMASHED AVO AT A CINEMA. Do you wanna know the best part though? It’s only $13. How TF have I been paying $18 for smashed avos everywhere else?


In my session, I got a pizza, dessert and a drink for under $30, which is ridiculously good. And do you want to know what I got for dessert? Fried to order jam-filled donuts. Fried. To. Order. MUST get.


Okay, so maybe this isn’t actually part of the Boutique experience. I’m pretty sure the bathrooms were for Gold Class too, but as someone who has a bladder the size of a 50c coin and a need to pee every hour, this is relevant and valuable information.

The bathrooms are not the public use ones that you have to use under a typical cinema session – they are upstairs in the Boutique lounge, and are SO MUCH CLEANER. And the sink and mirror is part of your individual cubicle/toilet room/whatever it is. No communal hand-washing! Privacy to redo your make up! This is critical information, you guys.

The ticket prices for Boutique are cheaper than Gold Class at $33, however just be mindful they can get more expensive during the weekend. But it does mean you can splurge for the high-life without actually having to kill your bank account (ps they also make as a great gift leading into Chrissy). The food isn’t expensive, and it’s table service too. Do I smell a date-night, anyone? Book here!

This article has been sponsored by Event Cinemas. As an independent online publisher, we rely on partnerships to keep our ‘lil website completely free and accessible for everyone. 

Images: Event Cinemas

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