Every Travel App You Need To Make Your Trip A Breeze

No matter where you’re venturing off to, there’s one item we all pack – our phone. Once upon a time it was passport and rucksack as the bare essentials, but today it’s the all in one device that gets a prime spot pocket side. Since your phone is all but tethered to your hand, (with some accessories making that tether a physical one, hello wrist strap), why not make it work for the luggage space? Scan the skies, map your new cities and watch your new currency rise and fall for months before. From planning to lift off to everywhere on the ground, these apps will make your getaway stress free.

Scour The Internet For Flights

We all know about Skyscanner, the powerful curator of all things flying. With an impeccable search function and huge log of airlines, it’s a great first point of call when you’re thinking about setting off. But by checking multiple search aggregators, you’re sure to get the best deal. KayakCheapflights and Hopper are all excellent apps to seek out deals and setup price alerts. For every dollar you save on the flight, you can allocate to your activities budget! Or more likely your post drinking meal, with extra grease.


If it’s the task of selecting what exactly will make it into your suitcase that stresses you out spectacularly before a trip, Packpoint is your saviour. Just enter your destination, trip length and the app will check the weather on your behalf, offering an expertly tailored list of wardrobe needs. You can also tailor your list by activities, in case that snow jacket is kind of essential for a Whistler jaunt.

XE Currency

Eager to make sure every penny goes the distance? Or more likely, stretch the Aussie dollar as far as it will go. Whether you use it as an indicator of countries where the dollar is dandy or a pre trip transfer check, XE Currency maps it all out. Those not so financially minded will feel a little Wolf of Wall St, but it’s worth your while to transfer at the right moment.


Throw that exxy travel wallet out of your pack and go paperless. TripIt will pull all your booking confirmations, plane tickets and tour info into one easily navigated place. Rather than just hosting it, TripIt builds you an itinerary so you don’t have to fiddle one bit at any point of your journey. Like having a suave personal assistant everywhere you go.


Want to peek behind the curtain and see how the other half live? Experience the lounge life without the business class fare with LoungeBuddy. Perfect for lengthy layovers or a little luxury before a flight. You don’t even have to be loyal to one airline, you can scroll and choose whichever takes your fancy at the time. Briefcase not included.


For the euro trip traveller who wishes to move with a little spontaneity, Loco2 will sort you out. Take the train and save yourself cash and a night’s stay in some cases. The app lets you set up alerts for routes you’re interested in and pay for the travel in pounds or euros. No need to access your Aussie card, just wave you travel card and you’re good to go. From the wineries of France to the pebbled beaches of Spain, Loco2 is your travel buddy for train travel.


An Aussie startup changing the translation game, with DoTalk you can translate 90 languages in real time. No need for the phrase book or your awful attempts at pronunciation, mangle the foreign tongue no more. Think how much easier it will be to decipher menus abroad, or communicate with new friends from countries abound. You can even set up a group chat with these new comrades and the app will do all the language leg work for you. With end to end encryption of course, in case you’re trading state secrets, but more likely – love letters to your summer fling.


Unless you enjoy the sensation of unplugging for the duration of your trip, a little WiFi goes a long way while your travelling. Instead of begging local vendors for the password or succumbing to awful tourist prices so you can upload a new photo, Wiffinity will sort you out. Offering a map of internet connections ready for you to jump onto and passwords if you’re inclined to freeload from out front.


We don’t mean to be potty mouths, but navigating the world does require a bathroom break or two. Enter Flush. An app that maps out all the public toilets in your vicinity, to keep you decidedly relieved. Busting no more.


Want to keep your goals in check? Well let’s be real, almost all our mid term (and short term) goals are travel related. Make putting that dollar into the virtual piggy bank that much easier. Think of it like a mood board for your goals, letting you visualise exactly where your money is going. There’s a handy pie chart, it hooks up to your Pinterest account and shares it with your social network too. You’ll be booking that long haul flight in no time at all with Squirrel‘s help.


A transportation whiz for the 36 cities it covers, CityMapper will help you get from sight to sight with ease. Subway, overground or bus and every tram in between, CityMapper will make you feel like a local on commute. The simplest apps are sometimes the best.


ClassPass fanatics rejoice! If you’re a member you can switch your subscription service to a city abroad for your short time away. You’ll be twirling at trapeze class and elongating at reformer all over the world in no time. No excuse not to keep active on your trip now!


Solo travellers put your Tinder away. If it’s like minded adventurers you seek, Travello makes meeting people too simple not to do. No need to harass the large group in your hostel, instead you can scroll through travellers and catch up as you see fit. You can cull people based on proximity, similar interests and upcoming plans. Who knows you might just find yourself the perfect travel companion, or at the very least a drinking buddy for the eve.


Hayfever risk derailing your trip, one itchy nosed sneeze at a time? WeatherBug takes your daily weather check to all new levels of detail, check the pollen count, lighting, storm warnings, localised stats and a handy 18 day forecast. For the spontaneous traveller making it up as they go along this app is sure to keep you in the sun all trip long, without a drop of rain in sight!


The antidote to long layover hell. DayUse offers up a selection of necessities and services to let you drop in for a shower, or sleep in a real bed while you wait for your next flight. With huge discounts for the short stay and a massive offering of venues, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Has a shower or bed ever sounded better then after a 14 hour flight?


The budget traveller’s bible, this app hosts all your group room needs. If you’re making it up on the fly or organising in advance, HostelWorld hosts it all in one place. And the bonus for cash strapped explorers, you usually only have to prepay a deposit when you book. Go on, get packing.


If you’ve ever wished to be shown about by a local, CoolCousin let’s your phone do just that. Selecting savvy residents tips and tricks and putting a locally curated guide of spots in your hot little hands. Hip new spots, emerging neighbourhoods and local wonders, avoid the tourist path with this app in hand.


Eager to see a snapshot of your new neighbourhood? Streetography collates local photos and imposes it over a map, so you can get a taste of what the smells, sounds and streets of your stay will be like. Similar to Instagram’s now retired map feature, it’ll get you hyped and informed for your trip in one fell swoop.


Road trip adventure on the cards? Don’t waste money on exxy car rentals without investigating a little further. Autoslash tracks the rate and offers you the cheaper price if you’ve already booked. So you’re guaranteed the very best deal for your temporary wheels. Car snacks at the ready.


Rid yourself of jet lag’s woes with a little science. Binaural, the sonic app emits binaural beats that have been shown to relax and soothe your mind to sleep. If you’re crossing timezones like no tomorrow, it’s worth a little you time to get you in sync with the local clock. And if you’ve travelled abroad before you know that anything that even mildly soothes the aches of jet lag is worth your time.


The worldwide event listing site has taken to apps, delivering a city guide of expert standard. TimeOut‘s tone is especially unique as rather than being written as a travel guide it’s addressed to locals. Making for authentic experiences, off the grid parties and endless eats, that the tour book leaves out.

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