Everyone Wants To Be One Of Katy Perry’s Dancing Cricket Bats And Honestly, Same

Left Shark is so over.

We should have known that Katy Perry would be upstaged by one of her back-up dancers. It’s just the way her sports-related-performances go.

To celebrate International Women’s Day on Sunday, Perry belted out a pre-show performance packed with girl-power at the Women’s T20 World Cup Final.

And although the show was only two songs long – opening with ‘Roar’ and closing with ‘Firework’ – Perry certainly made a mark on the over 80,000-strong MCG crowd. But, perhaps, not as much of a mark as her very femme cricket bat back-up dancers.

Step aside, Left Shark, your time is over.

It’s likely that Perry had no idea what the heck cricket was before being booked for the performance. I mean, not many Americans do. But she’s clearly done her research on our national sport and blended her propensity for showmanship, wild back-up dancers, and epic concerts with the sport.

The result: dancing cricket bats.

And the internet loved every second of it. Many marvelling at the talent of the dancers in the awkward costumes.

Perry’s as joined by a small army of dancers as she performed on a giant, purple ‘female’ symbol, proving she doesn’t need a huge concert setlist to celebrate girl power.

Oh, and the bats. The bats will live on forever.

Image Source: Twitter (@AusWomenCricket)

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