Everyone’s Petitioning For Jack Black To Replace Chris Pratt In The MCU And, Yes, Absolutely Yes

Jack Black vs Thanos is something I want to see

For the next little while, this is a Jack Black stan page. So give me a minute and hear me out.

Twitter has done as Twitter does and gone on an absolute tangent, starting a serious (but very silly) movement to get everyone’s fun, unproblematic uncle Jack Black into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Yes. I agree.

And the character many people are envisioning him in: Star-Lord, the Guardian of the Galaxy played currently by Chris Pratt.

Do we see the vision? I do.

It makes sense that the (arguably) most beloved actor and man in Hollywood would be an easy answer to replace another man who’s been at the centre of many heated debates recently. And, also, let’s not forget, the man voted the “Worst Chris” in a Universe already so heavily dominated by Chrises.

Besides, when we factor in his impeccable comedy skills, exquisite musical talent, and very good acting chops, it only makes sense that Jack Black play the goofy, mixtape-singing, dance-battling Star-Lord.

(Btw, there’s no reality in Chris Pratt being replaced in the Marvel movies, this is all just hypothetical)

It’s not just a matter of saying to Chris Pratt: “you’re tacky and I hate you”, but that the vision of Jack Black doing that dance battle scene in the first Guardians of the Galaxy, is too much. So is the thought of Jack Black (as Star-Lord) taking on Thanos in Infinity War and End Game.

Let’s not forget his acting chops. That man gives his body and soul to his performances.

A battle axe that Donald Glover, himself, marvelled at his physical dexterity.

We need only admire his crack at the WAP dance. He truly is a chunky battle axe with very flexible hips.

And he’s got a quiet softness about him that, if I’m being honest, I don’t think Pratt’s Star-Lord has (but would be a refreshing change and extra dimension to a comic book character).

I think we have enough misogynistic womaniser characters on-screen.

But, look, let’s not lazily just throw Black into roles that have already been cast. He deserves much more, and could absolutely flesh out a billion other MCU characters. Characters like Puck, The Thing, making a cameo as Spiderman in that multiverse movie, Arcade. There are a lot of calls to get him in for a cross-over with Deadpool.

Now that’s what I want to see.

In conclusion, to summarise these many arguments as to why Jack Black could easily replace Chris Pratt in the MCU – and why he could easily replace Chris Pratt in any of his roles:

I rest my case.

Image Sources: Instagram (@jackblack, @prattprattpratt)

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