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Bo Peep’s Back, And Everything Else We Know About Toy Story 4

We’ve now all had enough time and all emotionally recovered from the melancholy final scenes of Toy Story 3, right? It’s high time that we look forward the the newest instalment of Pixar’s legendary franchise. Are you as excited as we are?

The last time we saw Woody and the gang, they were saying goodbye to a college-bound Andy from new owner Bonnie’s porch. It was sad, of course, but we were all filled with hope for the inevitable years of toy-playing to come with a new child. Toy Story 4 will take a turn from the previous movie’s focus on growing up and nostalgia, promising to be more adventure-fuelled.

The Plot

Bonnie takes the toys on a road trip, but Woody, as he usually does, somehow takes an unexpected detour. In trying to find his way back, he runs into old flame and fellow ex-Andy toy, Bo Peep. Though, this time, she looks a little different.

Remember Bo? She featured in the first two movies as the softly-spoken porcelain lamp (?)  whose role mainly revolved around whispering sweet nothings to Woody, along with provocative tugs with her shepherd’s crook. She gets a throwaway mention in the third movie of a toy who, unfortunately, didn’t make the final round of kept toys and was most likely thrown away.

It’s clear that Bo’s taken control of her own destiny, though, trading her hoop skirt for a much more practical jumpsuit. She’s lived life on the open road for years, and has an adventurous spirit that was previously unseen. She joins the gang and the unfortunately-named ‘Forky’ for what is sure to be everyone’s favourite movie of the summer.

The Release

Sure, there are some nay-sayers who believe that the Toy Story movie was the perfect ending. There’s a risk of ruining a series that, frankly, felt complete. But for the rest of us, the film will be hitting cinemas 20 June 2019. Not too long to wait at all, so saddle up.

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