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Everything You Need To Know About The #FreeBritney Movement

Is Britney Spears really being held against her will?

There’s no shortage of celebrity movements online, but one of the most compelling has to be the #FreeBritney movement that began around last March when she was put into a psychiatric facility – allegedly against her will.

Fans are campaigning to #FreeBritney from her conservatorship, which they reckon is abusive and controlling, so she can be free to make her own decisions about her life.

Wait, What Exactly Is A Conservatorship?

A conservatorship is a legal guardianship where someone can be the literal guardian of another adult – making both legal and personal decisions for them, on the basis that the individual isn’t well enough to make those decisions themselves.

It’s something that’s generally used in situations like when an old person has dementia and frequent memory lapses – they aren’t mentally well enough to take care of themselves and need assistance.

Britney Spears’ behaviour was odd and worsened in the mid-2000s as she struggled to cope with her life of stardom, and she was hospitalised twice before her father applied for a temporary conservatorship of one year until her mental health stabilised.

This was eventually extended on the basis that she developed early onset dementia in her 20s, and it’s now been 12 years.

Britney Spears cannot spend her own money, have any control over her career, choose her own staff or lawyers, speak about her conservatorship to the public, use a mobile phone or any social media without being monitored, see anyone she wants without approval, or make any decisions about the interviews she does without approval from her guardian. There’s more limits too – she cannot leave her home or travel, drive, marry or have children without permission either.

Fans Worry Britney Spears Is Being Extorted, Manipulated And Abused Under Her Conservatorship

Fans are worried that Britney has been forced into subjugation so that her father and his associates can control her assets and consequently funnel wealth into their own pockets – and the claims are pretty damning.

It’s been pointed out that in the few months after the hospitalisations that landed her in a conservatorship, Britney Spears appeared as a guest on How I Met Your Mother, released the Womanizer music video, and began the promotion for her world-wide Circus tour.

This begs the question –  how could Britney Spears be well enough to partake in huge career-focused projects, but not be well enough to be released from her conservatorship? Paired with the fact that in the last 12 years, Britney has released four albums, completed three world tours, completed a four-year Vegas residency, appeared as a full time judge on X-factor, released multiple perfumes and lingerie lines (which have brought in over $50 million a year) – and yet she is apparently not well enough to be an independent and autonomous person.

There’s an actual article that details all Britney’s spending, and it’s pretty fucked. She has to pay $1.1 million a year in conservatorship fees, and $128,000 of that goes directly to her father. Fans allege that Jamie Spears and his team have kept Britney Spears in the conservatorship in order to extort her wealth – and by the hard work and millions she has earned while under their control, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was true.

Britney Spears Father Was Allegedly Abusive To Her And Her Kids

Considering Britney Spears’ father has also been accused of physically abusing her children resulting in a restraining order and a loss of custody, the evidence painting him as controlling and abusive weighs heavily. Britney Spears’ son Jayden, 13, went on Instagram live to speak about his mother’s struggle against Jamie Spears, saying that Jamie was “a big dick” and could “go die.”

He also told fans he was trying to help free his mother. Lynne Spears, Britney’s mother, has liked and supported #FreeBritney comments, also claiming that Britney is being controlled by her father.

In even more suspicious and damning evidence, Britney Spears allegedly testified in court papers that she was being held against her will by her father and was forced into mental health facilities, and forced to take drugs.

So, What’s The Latest?

The latest development spurring the #FreeBritney movement is that of a letter allegedly written by Britney Spears in third person about what happened to her after the 2007 meltdown, revealed by Andrew Gallery, who used to work with her and claims to be a close friend.

Fans have also been claiming that Britney has been trying to communicate through subtle hints in her social media posts – I don’t know if you’d call that evidence, but it has people pretty convinced.

Britney Spears has a court case coming up in August that reviews her conservatorship, and there’s a petition to free her in the meantime. There’s two others here and here.

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