Everything You Need To Know To Be On The 2019 Bachie

With the Honey Badger goodness coming to and end, the 2019 applications for Bachie are now open and we’ve got the low down on it all. If you’ve lost all hope in tinder, bumble, and the general human race like me, the Bachie might just be for you. Or if you just REALLY  like roses, the Bachie is also for you. I went in and did the application ground work and here’s everything you need to know on how to be in the running;


Your pre-requisites are; you have to be single (duh?), aged 25-40 and be willing and able to be filmed for the duration of the series, 12 weeks sometime in March 2019. (Not a long time when you find the girl of your dreams, eh?) So if you fill those pre-requisites pack you bags and get ready to have your ego stroked by a LOT of women.


If you’re aged 25-40, single, and available for those 12 weeks come March, pack your best dresses, skimpiest bikini’s, fake tan and get ready for the cat fights.

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Things are getting steamy on the FINAL single date of the season! You don’t want to miss this, 7.30 on TEN 😍 #TheBachelorAU

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General House Keeping

Guys n gals, you’ve gotta fill this application form out yourself. Sorry, but that means you can’t auto-fill your application out, so it might take some time. Plus, you have to upload some sweet snaps of yourself – one full length and one headshot complimented by a 2-min video of yourself.  This application is going to take some serious dedication, so I hope you’ve got some time. (It’ll be worth it in the end, even if you only get d-class celeb status)

The Questionnaire

The questions you’ll have to answer range from “tell us about yourself in a sentence” to “what are you genuinely passionate about?”.  The questionnaire then continues on sounding like bloody job interview, asking about current and past employees (WTF?) and then turns into a psychiatrist, asking about your relationship with your close friends and family, and past intimate relationships (still, WTF?).

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Who will break Nick's heart? 😱 #TheBachelorAU 7.30 tonight.

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After you get through this hoop, you’ll get invited to interviews in Jan 2019 (if you’re lucky enough). All in all, the application was super nosey, asking about any skeletons in the closet and past relationships. Is it worth it in the end? Absolutely! Catch me on the front cover of every trashy mag when I win. So, if you fit the pre-requisites and want to compete against me, then you can find the application here. Let the games begin. (Jokes on you, this definitely isn’t my cup of tea, you can have the bachie).

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