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Everything You’ll Hear From Students Who’ve Been On Exchange

We’ve all got a mate that’s been on exchange during uni, you might even be the token member of your friendship circle. Exchange changes lives and lingo, so no surprise you’ve either heard and been caught saying a few of the familiar quotes below. Sorry exchange kids, the truth hurts sometimes.

“I’m like fluent in Spanish now!”

Chances are you had a bunch of English speaking friends when you were living abroad, and chances are you barely spoke the language you should have for the year. Don’t lie to us. We can read through your bluff.

“I fell in love and now they’re following me back home.”

Ah yes, the beloved exchange relationship. Long distance is hard work and even if they do follow you back to Oz good luck with the ridiculous visas.

“My housemates were a nightmare.”

This seems to be the general consensus from most returning students. Having to follow the rules and regulations is tough enough, but living with strangers that never wash their dishes, that’s unfortunately universal.

“I’m like a true embodiment of my home city. I feel like I finally found my true self, you know?”

This is a crowd favourite. I mean if you don’t come back from Berlin a lover of techno and vegan food, did you even go to Berlin?

“Legit, all I did was party for a whole year.”

There’re exchange students that are like the above and then there are those that utilise their free time for one sole reason. I’ll even admit, I relate to this line on a spiritual level.

“Oh this coat, yeah I bought it in a vintage store in Quebec.”

Chances are your mate that recently came back from exchange has embraced the fashion of their host city. Get used to them rubbing it in your face too.

“It literally changed my life.”

Yes we get it. Exchange was amazing and now you’re like a completely different person. But let’s be real, every second returning exchange student will tell you this.

“Alcohol is so expensive here compared to Budapest.”

Yep, welcome back to Oz where one drink costs you as much as an organ transplant and you can’t drink on the streets like the European city you called home for a year.

“My Instagram feed is so boring now.”

We get it, nothing will compare to your collection of photos through South America.

“When I was in (insert location here)…”

This one’s a classic. Be prepared for your mate to flood you with an abundance of stories from their ridiculous travels through their exchange year.

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