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First Time Contiki Travel: Expectation Vs. Reality

Travelling is an experience like no other, especially when embarking on a Contiki for the first time. It’s only natural to have a few expectations about how it’s all going to turn out. Are you going to meet your new best friend? Or your new love interest? Will you get to see all the wonders you wanted to? Who knows, but here all all the expectations you’ve probably had before taking a trip.

Making Friends

Expectation: I’m Going To Meet So Many New People From Different Countries

Ah, yes. You’ll have to use endearing hand gestures and slow your speech right down so that others know what the hell you’re saying in that thick accent of yours. It’ll be an experience beyond your wildest dreams. You’ve even started learning the basics of other languages, just so you can be kept in the loop.

Reality: You’re Surrounded By Australians

You’re inundated with accents that sound like your own. The words ‘maaate’, and ‘yeahnah’ are on repeat, like you’ve got a broken record following you around. While you do communicate casually with local vendors, you barely have the opportunity to use your emotive (and goofy looking) gestures.


Expectation: Maybe I’ll Have A Hot Foreign Fling

Ooo getting hot and spicy with someone from a different country, how very scandalous! You’ve probably spent months dreaming about all the beautiful people that the rest of the world has to offer. It’s only natural, after all we watch so many movies where people get it on in some extravagant way.

Reality: Sexual Antics Are Kept Within The Confines Of The Group

If we’re going to take things to extremes, I guess you could call this Contiki incest. You’re more like likely to have a sneaky go around with someone in your tour group. You can just blame it on your close proximity to them getting to your head.

Being A Culture Buff

Expectation: I’m Going To Be So Worldly And Learn So Much About Cultures

You’ll visit every museum, observe all the artefacts, and be well-versed in the way of different cultures. You’ll come back home remembering every detail because you were a great listener. And last but not least, you’ll probably be able to spout off all the new knowledge learnt while at the bar with your friends back home.. because they’ll definitely want to hear about it.

Reality: I Can Barely Remember Half Of Yesterday Because I Was Drunk

You’re either always drunk or hungover. And none of these things make you more worldly or fill your head with useful information. You can barely take a step without throwing up in your mouth a little bit, so really, instead of becoming more worldly, you’re turning back into a Neanderthal. Good times.


Expectation: It’ll Be Pretty Go With The Flow, Everyone Will Be Chill I Reckon

You’ll all be best friends and have the grandest of times together, no doubt about it. You’ll all be able to branch off and do your own thing and absolutely no one will get in the way of anyone.

Reality: Hello, And Welcome Back To Another Drama Filled Episode Of Love Island

Oh boy. How do we even coexist without drama? The simple answer is.. we don’t and probably never will. Especially when there are a bunch of different personalities crammed into one overseas trip, sometimes it’s guaranteed to turn into something like a reality TV show with all the drama.

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