Extinction Rebellion Protestor Climbs Freaking Plane In The UK And People Are Shook

Partial blindness didn’t prevent this avid protestor from making a stand for the planet.

Extinction Rebellion protestors are in full swing as we head to the end of the week. The activist group has set their sights on shutting down London City Airport and they’ve had a solid crack achieving just that.

A visually impaired former Paralympian took things to the next level. James Brown managed to climb on top of a British Airways plane. This dude just up and scaled a damn plane, literally from the boarding stairs. This bloke is seriously determined. Before the coppers showed up to take him away he live-streamed the whole thing on Facebook.

Workers and passengers alike were a lil surprised:

Some peeps saw the humorous side to it too:

Brown Didn’t Come Without Back Up

This stunt was accompanied by tonnes of protestors gathered in entrances to the airport, railway stations and nearby roads. XR is seriously determined to draw attention to the environmental impacts of flying and say they’ll keep it up until the 12th. One protestor managed to get onto the roof of the terminal. Another disrupted a flight to Dublin before take-off to spread the climate emergency message.

It’s been no different down under, with major intersections brought to a halt in most capital cities across the country. You can read about the crazy things our law enforcement has done in response in another article we’ve published.

XR has had a cracker of a week in the public eye all around the world for their ‘Spring Rebellion’. From sit ins, gatherings and protests, the activist group seems to be everywhere in the headlines. A hell of a lot of peeps are less than pleased with the group. Disruption is their key tactic and well, you can’t argue that they aren’t nailing it.

Image source: @SoMeMarie Twitter.

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