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Here’s How To Unlock Facebook’s Dark Mode On Messenger

Facebook have just released yet another gimmick to get our hands on and this time it’s ‘Dark Mode’ for Messenger. A visual makeover that’ll switch up your usual messenger screen from white to black.

There’s a limited time activation code for you to activate the new screen. Simply send a crescent moon emoji (🌙) to anyone on your contact list and bingo, dark mode will be activated. Don’t panic if you hate it though, simply click on your profile picture and switch it back to the old white screen if the eerie screen becomes all too much.

Facebook says that part of the reasoning behind the new feature is to cut down the glare of your phone. According to them, it’ll particularly be useful in low light situations. A superficial reason for a little bit of fun? We’re yet to decide.

The feature is accessible to users worldwide, so long as you have the latest version of iOS or Android, so get over to the dark side.

Image Source: Facebook

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