Fair Claims That Marvel’s Spider Man Posters Were Stolen From A Year 4 Art Student 

Why are Marvel’s Spider Man posters so ridiculously shitty?

Has Marvel gone rogue? Has Marvel employed a snotty nosed primary school student to join their team of creatives? Did said snotty nosed primary school student deliberately create a disturbingly mismatched poster?

These are all valid questions the world is pondering today. Frankly, I’m a little curious too. Why are Marvel’s Spider Man: Far From Home posters so ridiculously shitty? Have we entered into such post-modernism territory that anything remotely good is actually trash? Did I blink and miss the boat? Someone plz explain.

Ahead of its release to IMAX theatres on July 1, Spider Man: Far From Home posters and pre-movie hype have been circulating the ‘net and there’s very mixed reviews. The most prominent being that these new posters were stolen from the hands of a year 4 art student. They were on that dreaded drying rack, waiting for a mother to reluctantly pin it to a wall in the house no one would see.

Amidst this very confusing time for creatives, people have begun creating their own (arguably more sophisticated) versions. Oh, the wonders of Microsoft Paint are marvel-lous (not sorry for that).

One thing remains extremely poignant in this situation, and that is Jake Gyllenhaal is an absolute sight in a steel brace/suit thingy. Gosh, I’m a fan. As for your creative abilities Marvel, I’m a little sceptical. Someone please ask if their creative team is A-OK.

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