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Fans Reckon Beyoncé’s Netflix Doozy ‘Homecoming’ Is A Sign Of An Upcoming Album

Queen B, where have you been hiding? Last year’s Coachella was off it’s heckin’ chops but we’ve noticed you’re a little MIA lately – what’s the go? What kind of groundbreaking, lyrical brilliance/choreographic masterpieces have you been cooking up for us? Please Bey, give me the download. I miss you and I need to know.

That was a DM I sent to Bey just yesterday. She hasn’t yet responded but I assume she’ll get back to me very soon. In the meantime, I can reveal all the insider goss you need to know about where our Queen has been.

Hint: it’s got to do with her latest Netflix doozy Homecoming and a heavily rumoured album release. Guys, do I need to spell out what an album release really means? *Cough* tour *cough*.

Alright, so Australia has been largely forgotten in the big release as Homecoming is set to air only in the US next week (shock horror, how do I change my VPN?). Alas, it’s supposed to be an intimate insight into last year’s Coachella performance and people are beyond psyched for it. Aside from experiencing excited panics as they wait for the doco to drop, some wild theories are being thrown around about what the Queen has in store for us.

TBH I think they hold a lot of merit and we should definitely begin bracing ourselves for something big later this year. I mean, notice the blue tick? This chick is verified, meaning only one thing: she’s legit and her theory is gospel.

In terms of her tunes, some sources are saying there is no definite album in the works but there are rumours of a couple of old tracks for a deluxe album featuring a few of her previous bangers. Could this mean Dangerously in Love makes an incredible re-entrance onto the big stage? What about Irreplaceable?  Who knows. There’s at least one thing we can be sure of…

Get into formation and stay tuned for groundbreaking and world-shaking treats. In terms of the DM, I’m still waiting for response – I’ll get back to you on that one.

Image Source: Beyoncé Facebook, @Netflix, @freeblackgirl, @HuffPostWomen, Netflix Youtube. 

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