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Remixed Songs That Are Complete Weekend Bangers

Heck yes to the weekend because god knows Fridays are worth living for. And as you pack your bags and get into full weekend mode, we’ve picked up some of our favourite remixed choonas of all time to really get you into full swing. So plug in, crank the volume, and get that Instagram cheers boomerang into overdrive.

#1 Something About You – Hayden James (ODESZA Remix)

Hayden James is always great, but adding Odesza to the mix just gives it that extra spark. Despite being quite a relative ‘recent’ song, this remix seems to give off an air of nostalgia. If you don’t have a memory associated with this song yet, go out and make one. It’ll heighten the thrill of listening to it every time it comes on.

#2 Where Are Ü Now – Justin Beiber (Marshmello Remix)

Ah, Justin Beiber. Years ago, we were frothing over his baby face, lush locks and saccharine love anthems. These days, we listen to Baby while submerged in the dregs of nightlife, while some guy called Dave is all up in our business, having a grind. Or was his name Brad? Maybe even a Jessica for you lads? Intricacies aside, one thing we do know is that the drop in this song is unexpected, at best. Listening to it the first time, I had to stop for a moment to regain my bearings. Once you overcome your stupor, you’ll be sure to put your uncoordinated dancing to the test.

#3 Hurricane – Halsey (Arty Remix)

The thing that’s great about Halsey is her music is so easy to adapt and remix into a complete banger. Hurricane, in its original form, is a lot heavier and haunted. The remix, however, lightens to mood and gives you something you’re able to dance and sing too. Emotionally-charged-boogies here we come.

#4 Humble – Kendrick Lamar (Skrillex Remix)

Has Humble been over played? Probably. Are we sorry about adding it to yet another list where it’s deemed as one of the favourites? Nope, not in the slightest. While Skrillex is sometimes hit and miss (the song Burial was better without him, soz not soz), his Humble remix is pure fire. A 10/10 banger, this is the song that’s blaring in the background, while your mate is chucking back voddies like they’re water.

#5 Sad Machine – Porter Robinson (Deon Custom Remix)

Imagine you’re sitting on a balcony and everything is relaxed and calm. You’re a couple drinks in and your head has become a little floppy (the good kind.) You know the feeling? Well, if we were to embody the feeling Sad Machine provides, this would come pretty damn close. It’s the perfect compilation of summer vibes and memories with mates.

Image source: The Soda Factory

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