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What Your Favourite Aussie Summer Music Festival Says About You

Summer festival season is firmly upon us. Although our wallets are currently feeling the burn of ticket prices and our growing wardrobe selection, our excitement levels are reaching peak obsession. Our dreams are consumed with the sounds of crowds chirping and every time we wake up and we don’t see the confines of a tent, our heartbreak a little.

Even though we know you’re probs hitting up more than one of the many summer festivals on offer, you’ve definitely got your favourite and let’s face it, you’ve never quite gotten along with that mate who just insists you miss out on Field Day to try your hand at Lost Paradise. Maybe this is why.

So whether you’ve been to a few already this summer, or you’ve got one of the horizon, here’s the definitive guide to what your favourite fest says about you.


You like being niche for the sake of being niche. R&B artists dominated your Spotify recap last year, but the random small dance artist you like proves you totally don’t always go mainstream. But let’s be honest, you low-key love blasting Beyonce and getting your slut drop on.

Good chance you love those horrible dance remixes of R&B classics.



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You’ll spend more time applying glitter than you will at the amphitheatre, but it’ll be worth it because your Instagram will be poppin’. You actually don’t really know that many artists on the lineup, and just wanted to tear it up during NYE because you crave a party and hate FOMO, ironically.

In saying that, you’re often the life of the party (even if you barely remember attending any of these said parties).

Lost Paradise 

You’re way too okay with the whole not showering for three days thing, but, you’re able to pull off the whole festival-boho look better than we ever will. And that’s respectable, I think?

Your music tastes are legit, and you could careless about what people think. You’re crave good times with your selective crew, but can be a bit of a whiner when it comes to going on a three day bender. Stop the arvo naps.

Field Day


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Claim you can handle doing the NYE night out and the festival, when you most definitely cannot. End up crashing on the grass at 4pm but wake up again for later sets because it would be criminal to miss. More than likely bought an outfit from General Pants or Showpo specifically for the event.

You follow Fisher on Instagram but don’t really know any of his music besides the words I’M LOSING IT.

Spilt Milk


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You’ve probably just turned 18 and this is your first festival. Stay safe, drink water and sing along to every single banger until you lose your voice. Very likely hitting up Mooseheads right after the festival wraps up.

Yours & Owls 

Most of your clothes have holes in them because of your mosh pit habits. Probably have a really strong opinion on who is going to win the Hottest 100 every year, and would never vote for the same artist twice.


We get it. You have better taste in music than the rest of us.

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