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Our Fave Tunes For Your Frother Summer Playlist

Regardless of whether or not you’re a summer bunny, it’s objectively a better time of year to go out and be merry. The heat can be oppressive and, frankly, frustrating, but hey, it’s better than the horizontal rain and face-shattering cold. So here’s a few anthems, from us to you, for the summer season.

(But in case you’re a bit CBF to read all the below, we threw together a cheeky summer playlist right here on Spotify for you to get amongst.)

Flume feat. Tove Lo – Say It

This 2016 glitch-pop number is all dark dancefloors and harried ambrosia; the longing ache- now, seemingly, relieved- in Tove Lo’s vocals (“Break my bed to make me wanna stay”) flowing over Flume’s discordant beats puts one right in the scene, one of sweat-soaked temptation and that pained need for another person – even if only for the night. 

Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Changing tack now, to the more bubblegum-flavoured side of pop music. Somebody has come to represent in itself an entire decade and genre in its four-odd minutes: those towering synths, shrieking horns and irresistible beat, along with its enslaving chorus (“I wanna feel the heat with somebody”), make for a potent summer elixir.

Shirley Bassey – There’s Never Been A Night

I dunno about you, but this track always puts me in mind of something grand; there’s a very pleasant, convivial (dare I say, magical) atmosphere to the whole song.

Wilson Pickett – Land of 1000 Dances

Further back now, to 1966, where Wilson Pickett is busting out the most well-known version of this soul hit. The call-and-response of the horns, the jittery drums and Pickett’s barely-contained excitement- not to mention the track’s classic ‘na na na’ hook- all plays out in only two and a half minutes, but that’s enough time to throw you into ‘the Watusi’ some other booty-shaking cavort.

Kesha – Party At A Rich Dude’s House

Ever since Kesha’s 2009 breakout single Tik Tok (“Wake up in the morning feelin’ like P. Diddy”), she’s been all about having fun and being yourself; and even though, as a celebrity, she occupies a certain kind of wealth and glamour you and I can only fantasize about, she’s certainly one of the more accessible pop stars, especially, seemingly, when she’s on the piss. Her lyrics are full of wonderfully trashy commotion and relatable fun (“Got a water bottle full of whiskey in my handbag” – Take It Off; “We take the drinks from the tables when you get up and leave ’em/ And I don’t care if you stare and you call us scummy/ ‘Cause we ain’t after your affection and sure as hell not your money, honey” – Sleazy)

She’s mad fun, and this track is a party banger. Simple.

Ricki Lee – Sunshine

The pure, unadulterated schmaltz of bubblegum pop is – as it is made to be so – incredibly infectious and, at its best, life-giving. Sunshine may not be one of the biggest pop ditties to hit the planet (indeed, it didn’t really make it out of Australia) but its joyous 70s-style proclamations and overall blinding brightness is wonderfully catching.

Daryl Braithwaite – One Summer

BRAITHOOOOO. Yes, he has other songs, not just that one.

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