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Festival Prep 101: How To Make It Out (Mostly) In One Piece

Alright people, Splendour in the Grass is next week (can you bloody believe it’s already here?) and we’re all raring to go. For the first timers, welcome. To those who have already been a few times, we all know the nature of events like these. Constant drinking, dust, smoke, late nights, freezing temperatures and all the things we totally don’t put into our bodies. With these factors, there are a range of preparations we can partake in so that we don’t end up broken shells of ourselves.

Immune Boosters

I know this sounds super lame, but you know what’s not lame? Not being bedridden for two weeks after the festival because you’re practically dead from the infamous Splendour flu. It exists, and like a powerful deity it should be feared. By stocking your body full of things that’ll help you fight off infection it’ll help you not be sick for as long (or as intensely.) Take them before you set off for the fest, during and after as well.. because being thorough is key. Let’s be honest, there’s really no stopping you from getting sick, that’s just the way it is, but taking preventative measures is sure to help.

Remember Water Exists

For the love of God, remember we’re made up of sixty-ish percent water. Without this vital liquid we’re all going to have a bad time. Not only does it make it more likely you’ll get sick, but you’ll also be more likely to get yourself a nasty headache and a more deathly hangover. Despite the fact that it’s the middle of winter and it’s cold enough to snap our fingers off, water get expelled at a rapid pace when we’re busy moving about (and drinking.) Just tell others that the water you’re carrying is vodka and chug it down to scare them and establish dominance.

Splurge On At Least One Solid Meal A Day

Food is what will keep you wanting to boogie. So obviously when your entire diet throughout the festival consists of canned food you’ll feel like schite warmed up by day three. The key to not feeling like you’re dead by the end of each day is eating something of substance that’ll keep you energised for longer. Get a burger, nachos, curry, loaded fries.. the festival world is your oyster.

Don’t Be A Hero; Bring The Extra Jumper

You think you’re not going to be cold, but let me just tell you right now, you’re wrong. If you look on your weather app and find it to be thirteen degrees, it’s only natural to think that it’s not that cold. That it’ll bearable and you’ll be fine. But the reality is those thirteen degrees feel like three and you’ll be freezing your bits and pieces off once the sun goes down. Bring the extra blanket, bring the extra jumper and anything else you think you might need to keep warm. You won’t regret it. Being warm means you’ll be more likely to get a decent sleep and avoid a more intense sickness. Splendour look be damned.

Image source: Splendour in the Grass Facebook Page (Charlie Hardy and Savannah van der Niet)

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