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Festival Staples You Should Have In Your Carry Bag

Spring has sprung! Which means there’s plenty of summer goodness (including festivals) around the corner. With the likes of Corona Festival, Falls and Strawberry Fields to name a few, it’s time to go shopping for the essential survival kit (read: carry bag). Here’s your packing list, pals.


Reality is, you’re going to get sweaty, and it’s going to be gross. Keep a deodorant handy so you don’t gross out that person next to you in the mosh (too much, anyway).

Ladies – Makeup Brush/Powder

On the notion of getting sweaty (delicious, I know.), your cake makeup is probably going to come off. Chances are you put some serious effort into the glitter masterpiece, so bring some travel size brushes and powders to touch up during the day. (hot tip: liquid foundations are not your friends at festivals. Yes, I’m speaking from experience.)

Portable Charger

Chances are you’ll be snapping all day or (attempting to) meet up with friends (good luck with that one, pal.) For some reason, it just seems that your battery dies REALLY fast at festivals. Pack that portable charger so you can record some sweet vids of you singing (only to be regretted and deleted the next day).


I mean..? You’re not going to get very far with out some sweet dollary-doos. This one kind of goes without saying. If it’s your first time at a festival, we’ve got a sweet guide on how to best spend said sweet dollary-doos for ya’.

I.D. & Tickets

Good luck getting in without them, beb. Seriously, you don’t want to be that person at the gate who’s forgotten their god damn I.D. or tickets, it’s NOT that hard.

Drink Bottle

Look, if you’ve been to a few festivals, you’ll know well and truly, the GOD DAMN drink lines are hours long. Bring a drink bottle so you can fill it with water (or cheeky drinks) to make for an easy guzzle.


… And some sunscreen for my fellow pasty pals. Not to mention they’ll totally up your outfit game, but they’ll also be your best friend when you’re front row mosh and the sun is setting in your face. But a hot tip; probs don’t bring those super exxy sunnies, because you WILL lose them (yes, I’m speaking from experience, yet again).

Panadol/Advil/Whatever You Fancy

You’re going to be in the sun, you’re drinking, partying, dancing, whatever. You’re going to be one god damn mess. Not to sound like an advertisement for Panadol, but you (or someone around you) is going to get a good solid headache/stomach ache/toe ache, you name it, I can pretty much guarantee it. (No, I’m not psychic) It can even act as a preventative measure for that nasty hangover the next day.

So, pack your bags, buy some sweet new threads, and get excited because summer and festivals are here for a long time to come. Don’t forget to check out our guide on how to prep, things to consider before getting on it, and how to make your experience eco-friendly af.

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