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First Teaser Video For Game Of Thrones S8 Dropped And We Can Confirm It’s Both Fire & Ice

Another detail, and even more tease. At first glance, this trailer gives barely a single detail away, but watch again and you can start to make some guesses at the plot of the upcoming season.

The trailer gives us a sweeping tour of the map of Westeros we know so well, with both fire and ice fast approaching from each end to finally meet each other at the end. There are heaps of clues we can depict from the short 40-second clip.

A wolf (presumably Jon Snow) is engulfed in icy smoke, as is the dragon, which is obviously representing Daenerys. We then see a lion (Cersei Lannister) surrounded by flames. Could this represent a long battle between Snow and Cersei? Snow and The Night King? Daenerys and Cersei? One thing we know is that there’s going to be a heck of a lot of fighting going on.

We still have 4 months to wait, but our minds are racing. We already found out last month that the battle scene took 55 days to film. Yes, seriously. So whatever happens, Season 8 is going to be worth the wait.

Watch the teaser below:

Image Source: HBO

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