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First Year Uni: Expectation Vs. Reality

“I’m going to get HDs and be super social!!”

Ahh, the transition from graduating high school and delving in to the world of Uni. Welcome. If I’m going to be brutally honest, it looks nothing like it does in Legally Blonde. (Shame on you Reese Witherspoon for setting my expectations so high). Here’s the tea on all your expectations on Uni, from someone who’s done their research.


Expectation: New people! New friends! New me! 

Uni has SO many people everywhere, which means SO much potential for meeting new people! Right?

Reality: Same old, 80% drinking games, 20% connecting with each other 

If you’ve moved here from another city, you’ll probably be super intimidated by everyone, especially if starting from scratch. If you’re staying in your home town, you’ll probs stick to your OG friend group from high school (you’ll maybe see them once a month because you’ll all be busy asf) and won’t branch out much. If your experience is anything like mine, you’ll make maybe one friend in first year and meet a BUNCH of people through that one person the next year, and voila!


Expectation: You’ll land a sweet little weekend job in a bar 

Waiting on tables or working in a bar is a great way to earn money and meet new people!

Reality:I need a dollar, dollar, a dollar is what I need (hey hey)

Moving out comes with bills left, right and centre. You’ll start considering moving back home, give it a month or so after you’ve spent all your money on going out.


Expectation: Wow! So productive! Learning lots, and going to all my classes, making sure that HECS is going to good use!

You’ve got your notes organised on your laptop, you’re going to attend every lecture, whether it be at 8am or 7pm and you’ll even stay back after Uni has finished to do some extra readings!

Reality: Probably a lot of beers 

… And a lot of hangovers. Someone will suggest skipping class to go to Unibar or the closest pub and no-one will disagree. (Yes, you might even go to class, but just slurring your words and a little more talkative than usual). Soon you’ll be preaching the philosophy that “You can always retake a class – but you can never relive a party! ”


Expectation: Helpful professors that’ve spent their lives researching in the field

You’ve got help 24/7 and it’s so easily accessible! If you don’t understand someone or something you can always see your Tutor/Lecturer and they’ll explain everything to you!

Reality: *Cricket noises*

Look, on one end of the spectrum, I’ve had some pretty good tutors in my time. But on the other end, I’ve had some shockers. So it’d be unfair to shit on them all as a collective. But truth is, Lecturers and Tutors are not what you’ll be used to from High School. You’ll probably get your own fair share of both ends of this spectrum, but the main thing you’ll lean quick smart is that you’ll be teaching yourself a lot of the content. Time to grow up, kiddo

Living Situation

Expectation: A luxurious abode resembling that one you made on Sims like, 4 years ago 

Your aspirations for Uni included moving out of home for the first time and a sweet new house complete with walk in wardrobe and your own personal ensuite

Reality: Not much space

Your room resembles more of a prison cell, with limited space BUT if you’re lucky you get a powerpoint in your room, and a roommate that does their own dishes!

Masterchef Skills

Expectation: Going to show of some mad skillz and cook some sweet dishes for me and my roomies

Eat that, Matt Preston. Try my poached eggs accompanied by some smashed avo on sourdough bread toasted to perfection.

Reality: The recycling bin is full of cans from baked beans resembling the leaning tower of pisa 

Look, it’s the thought that counts, but your diet probably consists of a lot of Mi Goreng and you’ll probably put on a bit of weight starting out

Image Source: Type A Films

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